Does the Air Purifier Need to Be On 24/7?

Does the Air Purifier Need to Be On 24:7?

Buying an air purifier is exciting. I remember when I got my first air purifier and turned it on for the first time. Within just a few days, my allergies when indoors almost disappeared and it literally changed my life.

But as you start to use your air purifier, you might start to wonder if it needs to be on around the clock.

I personally didn’t do that in the beginning because I thought it was a waste.

With that said, I’d like to come forward and say it was a pretty big mistake – at least for me.

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Levoit Vital 100 vs. Core 300: Which is the Better Air Purifier?

Levoit Vital 100 vs. Core 300 featured image

Levoit Vital 100 vs. Core 300: Which fits your home and lifestyle best?

You’re probably wondering which of these two popular Levoit models to buy.

Both models offer advanced filtration systems but differ in terms of room coverage and performance.

But which one is most effective in eliminating odors and pollutants in the air?

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How To Reset Blueair Purifiers: What You Need To Know

how to reset blueair air purifier featured image

Here’s a quick tip right out of the gate: to reset Blueair purifiers, simply unplug them, wait several seconds, and then plug them back in. Voila.

Whether you’re doing a hard reset or following manufacturers’ specific guidelines, resetting will typically take you out of whatever loop or hang you are stuck in. 

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