6 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smell + Buying Guide

Looking for the best air purifiers for weed smell? Don’t worry – we got you covered.

I know… Nothing can beat the feeling of smoking a blunt, hitting a vape pen, or lighting up a bowl of weed at the end of a long, stressful day.

But whether you take weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, it’s important to respect the people around you, especially if they don’t like the smell.

Nowadays, people use air purifiers to remove the smell of weed and keep their habits private. That said, not all air purifiers effectively remove the smell of pot from a room.

But don’t worry – I’ve done the research for you.

Let me show you six of the best air purifiers for weed smell on the market.

I’ll explain what makes them great options and some of the main things to consider when finding an air purifier for weed smell.

Read on to learn more.

6 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smell

1. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ – The Best Overall


I’ll kick things off with my favorite air purifier on the market.

The Blueair Pure 211+ is the air purifier I use at home to remove the smell of weed whenever I smoke.

The main reason I chose this air purifier for my room is that it comes with an excellent filtration system.

It has a HEPA filter to capture dust and ash from my pipe or joint and a carbon filter to absorb strong odors.

So, when I have this air purifier on while smoking, I never worry about the smell lingering for a long time.

In fact, I’ve noticed that the weed smell completely disappears after around 10-15 minutes if I leave this air purifier on.

On top of that, this is a very silent air purifier.

Whenever I smoke weed, one of the problems I have is that I become pretty sensitive to sounds.

So having an air purifier that isn’t loud or obnoxious is a massive plus for me.

And if you want to avoid constantly turning the air purifier on and off, this is an excellent pick for you.

To use this air purifier, you must press a single button on the machine, then forget about it.

The air purifier is designed to be left on constantly and automatically adjust its settings depending on the room’s air quality.

So, when the air purifier detects many smoke particles, dust, and ash in the room, it starts working much faster. 

You won’t have to adjust the settings manually whenever you light up.

Another cool feature is this air purifier’s simple but modern design.

That way, you can easily fit it into your room’s aesthetic, creating a more comfortable and cohesive smoking experience.


● Comes with an excellent carbon filter

● Equipped with a HEPA filter to capture dust and ash

● Ideal for medium and large rooms

● Silent operation

● Automatic functions


● Relatively expensive

2. Coway Mighty AP-1512HH – The Best with Air Quality Monitor


If you’re buying an air purifier for absorbing weed smell, you might want one with an air quality monitor.

When you have an air quality monitor, you can always look at the number of particles in the air and whether or not the air quality is safe for you.

I chose to feature the Coway Mighty AP-11512 on this list.

While it might seem simple, it comes with all the features you need in an air purifier for weed smell.

Aside from the pre-filter and HEPA filter, this model also has a deodorization filter.

That way, whenever the air purifier is on, it doesn’t just filter out harmful particles. Still, it actively works to remove strong smells from the air.

Another cool feature is all the air purifier’s indicators on the interface.

This air purifier also shows you the estimated life left on your filter, the fan’s strength, and how long you have left on the timer.

The timer function is also useful as you can set the air purifier to turn on and stay on for a set amount of time before and after you smoke.

That way, you ensure the air purifier shuts off immediately after removing the odors.

That way, you don’t waste power and don’t have to hear the air purifier after you smoke.

While this is a fantastic air purifier with an attractive modern design, I noticed that this is also one of the louder models available today.

This means you might only want to keep this air purifier on sometimes, especially if you’re sensitive to noise.

But this is the right pick if you need an air purifier that shows you the air quality in your home while getting rid of that sticky weed smell.


● Slim and modern design

● Great air quality monitor

● Easy to use

● Comes with an excellent filtration system

● Built-in timer


● Relatively noisy

3. LEVOIT Core 600s – The Best Large Air Purifier Under $300


You must spend a lot of money if you need an air purifier designed for large rooms.

But if you have a relatively large home and want to ensure it never smells like weed, this could be a great pick, especially if you’re on a budget.

Despite falling comfortably under the $300 price tag, the Levoit Core 600s is a large air purifier that can handle spaces up to 3,000 square feet.

So, if you have a home and smoke with friends in the living room or other common areas, this is a great air purifier.

Like other top-tier Levoit air purifiers, this model comes with a HEPA filter and a carbon filter.

That way, you can keep your lungs safe from dust and other particles while ensuring the room never smells like weed.

On top of that, this air purifier works fast.

If you have a space of around 615 square feet, the air purifier only takes 12 minutes to cleanse the air thoroughly.

This is great for people who smoke weed, as you won’t have to leave the air purifier on for a long time just to eliminate the smell.

Another reason I really liked the Levoit Core 600s is that it works very silently.

Even if you want a quiet trip without any sounds, you can leave this air purifier on without worrying about excessive noise.

This air purifier even has smart functions and voice control.

This makes it much easier to use the air purifier and turn it on whenever you want to eliminate a particular smell in your home.

The downside to this model?

Well, it’s pretty big, so if you have a tight space, it might be hard to fit this air purifier into the design.


● Great for large rooms

● Relatively affordable

● Get rid of odors quickly

● Voice-activated with smart features

● Monitor the air quality with your phone


● Large and bulky

4. Alen BreatheSmart 45i – Best for 24/7 Purification


To ensure you never have a weed smell in your room, keep your air purifier on 24/7.

And after asking experts and reading countless message boards, I found this is the best pick for 24/7 air purification.

The reason is that this is one of the rare models on the market that’s specifically designed for 24/7 operation.

The air purifier is quiet, easy to use, and blends in with the room.

It can clean the air in an 800-square-foot space in just 30 minutes, making it ideal for those needing to get rid of smells quickly.

And even if you keep the air purifier on for a long time, the filters are designed to last 10-12 months.

That way, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance and constantly buy replacement filters for your air purifier.

And while this is a great air purifier and one of my top picks on the market, there’s no denying that it’s pretty expensive.

There are better picks for those on a budget.

But if you’re looking to invest in a premium air purifier to eliminate the weed smell at home, this is a good pick.


● Designed for 24/7 purification

● Modern design

● Works quickly

● Great filtration system

● Silent operation


● One of the most expensive options on the list

5. LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ – Best Modern Air Purifier


I like to keep the room I smoke in as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

And when looking for a stylish and modern air purifier to match the room’s vibe, this model instantly caught my eye.

This LG PuriCare model has a very cool modern design that looks like it came straight out of the future.

But despite the unique design, the air purifier works well, especially if you want to eliminate a specific scent.

This is because it has an excellent carbon filter and a HEPA filter that can capture particles up to 1.0 microns thick.

That way, you won’t have to worry about lingering smells and harmful compounds that put your lungs in danger.

That said, since this is such a modern pick, it is pretty expensive.

But this might be a worthwhile investment if you want an air purifier that looks and works great.


● Great design

● Ideal for large rooms

● Effectively removes smells

● Ten fan speeds

● Automatic mode


● One of the pricier models on the list

6. Bissell Smart Purifier – The Best Smart Air Purifier


If you want to make it easier to use your air purifier when smoking weed, you might want to get a smart model.

And in my research, the Bissel Smart Air Purifier is the best option for those needing a modern and futuristic smart air purifier.

This air purifier comes with many smart functions.

You can connect this air purifier to your Wi-Fi network and control it with your phone.

Additionally, you can connect it to your Amazon Alexa or equivalent smart speaker and activate the air purifier with your voice.

This is handy when you’re couch locked but want to turn on the air purifier to eliminate the weed smell.

On top of that, this is quiet enough to place in the library.

Loud sounds can ruin the vibe when you’re smoking out, so the low-noise operation of the Bissel air purifier is a huge advantage.

This air purifier even comes with automatic mode, so you can turn it on and forget about it.

That said, this air purifier takes up a fair amount of space.

So, this may not be the best pick if you have a packed room and are not free to use a large appliance.


● Very quiet

● Great smart functions

● Has an excellent carbon filter

● Easy to use

● Classy design


● Fairly bulky

● Relatively expensive

Buying Guide: What Do You Need in Air Purifiers for Weed Smell?

Not all air purifiers are made equal.

And while you’ll find many great air purifiers on the market, not all can handle the smell of weed.

You must find certain features when buying an air purifier to lessen the weed smell at home.

Below, I’ll talk about some key features you’ll need from an air purifier for weed smell and why these features are essential.

Carbon Filter

A carbon filter is the most crucial feature in an air purifier for weed smell.

Weed smoke particles are much smaller and thinner than other smoke particles like cigarettes.

While most air purifiers can capture thick smoke like cigarette and wildfire smoke, you’ll need a carbon filter to absorb the weed smoke particles in the room.

That way, the particles have no chance of sticking to different surfaces and causing a lingering and strong scent.

So, when shopping for an air purifier for weed smell, find a model with a good carbon filter. 

That way, the air purifier can effectively absorb and eliminate weed smell.

HEPA Filter

Aside from a carbon filter, you’ll probably also need a HEPA filter in your air purifier for weed smell.

A HEPA filter can capture ash, dust, and other pollutants entering the room when you smoke weed.

Remember, weed smoke can be pretty damaging to the lungs.

So, you must reduce the other pollutants and irritants that may enter your lungs, like dust, mites, pollen, and more, to remain as safe as possible when smoking weed.

You can do that with a HEPA filter, keeping your lungs much safer.

Strong Fans

It’s always best to get air purifiers to clean the air quickly and instantly eliminate the weed smell.

To do this, you need an air purifier with a strong fan.

Air purifiers with strong fans effectively clean the air and can remove weed smells more quickly as they capture more particles than air purifiers with weaker fans.


FAQs on Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smell

Are Air Purifiers Effective for Weed Smell?

Yes, if you have the right air purifier, you can effectively remove the weed smell. 

Some air purifiers have carbon filters, eliminating strong odors like weed smoke. 

Can Air Purifiers Remove Cigarette Smell?

Air purifiers are also great options for eliminating the cigarette smell

This is because cigarette smoke particles are relatively thick, meaning an air purifier can capture the particles easily and remove the smell in minutes.

What Kind of Air Purifiers Can Remove Strong Odours?

If you want an air purifier that can eliminate strong odors, you need one with a carbon filter. 

When you have an air purifier with a carbon filter, you won’t have to worry about strong or foul odors whenever the air purifier is on. 

All you’ll enjoy is a pleasant and neutral carbon smell.

Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smell – Conclusion

For many reasons, it would be best to eliminate the weed smell whenever you light up.

This could be because you’re hiding it from room and housemates, don’t want to bug your neighbors, or don’t want your home to constantly smell like weed.

Either way, an air purifier is one of the best options for people looking to eliminate the weed smell at home.

This is because modern air purifiers are specifically designed to remove strong scents and smells from the air.

So, if you get the right model, you can turn it on after smoking and expect the weed smell to disappear quickly.

And in this list, I featured all the best air purifier options for those looking to eliminate the weed smell at home.

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