Air Purifier for Mothball Smell: The Ultimate Solution in 2023!

Air purifiers are essential household items for removing unwanted odors and improving indoor air quality.

One common issue you might face at home is the lingering smell of mothballs.

Mothballs release pungent chemicals to protect your clothes from insects, but the smell can be quite unpleasant.

Luckily, there are air purifiers specifically designed to tackle this problem – air purifiers for mothball smell!

These air purifiers work hard to strip your home of that musty mothball scent, ensuring you enjoy fresh and clean air.

They use advanced filtering technologies to trap and remove these odors while also catching other indoor air pollutants like dust, pollen, or pet dander.

But how do you choose the right air purifier for your needs?

When buying an air purifier for mothball smell, it’s crucial to consider key features like filter type, room coverage, and noise levels.

With a wide variety of options available, finding the perfect fit for your home might feel overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though!

We’ve done the research and put together a guide to help you find the best air purifier to eliminate that stubborn mothball odor!

Ready to breathe easier and rid your home of that bothersome mothball smell?

Continue reading for our expert recommendations on the top air purifiers that will keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

5 Best Air Purifiers for Mothball Smell

Are you tired of that lingering mothball odor? Fear not!

We’ve gathered the top air purifiers just for you! Dive into our list below and find the perfect one to banish those pesky smells from your home!


1. CleanForce MEGA1000 Extra Large Air Purifier

The CleanForce MEGA1000 Air Purifier is an excellent investment to keep your home free from mothball smell along with other allergens and pollutants.

It offers medical-grade filtration with H13 True HEPA filters, effectively removing 99.97% of fine particles, including that pesky mothball odor.

Its superior purification capacity covers 3,000 sq ft, ensuring clean and fresh air in large spaces.

Navigating the MEGA1000 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive touch screen and remote control.

It offers an easy-to-use interface, a 12-hour timer, sleep mode, and a child lock.

You can also rely on the smart auto mode for optimized operation based on current air quality.

With a noise level as low as 35dB, you can enjoy your sleep or concentrate on work without interruption, making the MEGA1000 perfect for bedrooms, offices, and classrooms.

Despite its powerful performance, however, the unit is a tad heavy and bulky, which may not suit everyone’s needs, especially in smaller spaces.

Also, be prepared for a slightly higher price point in exchange for top-notch performance.


  • Medical-grade filtration for effective mothball smell removal
  • Superior purification capacity, great for large spaces
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen and remote control


  • A bit heavy at 36.4 pounds
  • May be too large for small spaces
  • Slightly higher price point
Afloia HEPA Air Purifier for Mothball smell

2. Afloia HEPA Air Purifier

This compact Afloia air purifier is perfect for those looking to eliminate mothball smell and improve indoor air quality quickly and efficiently.

The Afloia HEPA air purifier is a fantastic little machine to tackle mothball odor and allergens in your home or office.

You’ll notice how efficiently it cleans the air within a 250 ft²/23 m² space, thanks to its 360-degree air inlet and 3-stage H13 HEPA filter.

This purifier works swiftly, filtering the air four times per hour and removing 99.99% of airborne particles like pet dander, pollen, and dust.

Say goodbye to sneezing and nasal congestion!

Its size makes the Afloia air purifier incredibly portable, allowing you to easily move it around and place it wherever you need it most.

Want to add a personal touch?

The unique 7-color light design adds warmth to your space – just pick your favorite color with one click.

Plus, the sleep mode means no light interference during the night and a fan speed as low as 18dB, barely louder than a whisper.

To help you relax or mask odors further, the Afloia air purifier has an aromatherapy feature – simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the included aroma pad.

However, the scent might not be very potent, and some customers have reported missing sponges.

Nonetheless, this compact purifier is effective, versatile, and visually appealing – everything you need to breathe comfortably and confidently.


  • Effective 3-stage H13 HEPA filtration
  • Portable and versatile design
  • Unique 7-color light feature with sleep mode


  • Essential oil aroma feature may not be very potent
  • Best suited for small rooms
  • Sponges for fragrance might not be included

3. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Mothball Smell

LEVOIT-Core-300 Air purifier for mothball smells

This air purifier is a must-have for those dealing with mothball odor and needing fresh, clean air in their homes.

Eliminating mothball odors in your home can be a challenge, and that’s where the LEVOIT Air Purifier comes in.

This powerful and compact air purifier is designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, such as dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander.

Its H13 True HEPA filter, coupled with the pre-filter and high-efficiency activated carbon filter, will ensure you breathe cleaner and fresher air in no time.

You don’t have to worry about this air purifier keeping you up at night, thanks to its QuietKEAP technology which reduces noise levels to a near-silent 24dB.

Sleep Mode allows you to enjoy a good night’s rest while the LEVOIT purifier takes care of your air, and you can even turn off the display light to avoid disturbance.

The LEVOIT Air Purifier’s sleek design and modern white finish ensure that it fits seamlessly into any room, making it both a practical and stylish addition to your home.

Furthermore, its compact size allows you to place it unobtrusively in your bedroom or living room.

However, be mindful that this air purifier does not use UV-C light, which some users may prefer for additional sanitation.

Additionally, replacing filters may be on the pricey side, and this particular model may not be the most effective choice for larger rooms.

Still, the LEVOIT Air Purifier is an excellent choice for those dealing with mothball odors and other allergens.

Its effectiveness, quiet operation, and stylish design make it the perfect addition to any home.


  • Highly effective at removing mothball smell and allergens
  • Quiet operation for undisturbed sleep
  • Sleek design and compact size


  • No UV-C light, which some users may prefer
  • Filter replacement may be pricey
  • May not be as effective for large rooms

4. AROEVE Air Purifier

AROEVE Air Purifiers for mothballs

This compact air purifier efficiently tackles mothball smells, making it a great addition to your home.

The AROEVE Air Purifier is an incredible little device that can significantly improve the air quality in your home by filtering out mothball smells, smoke, pollen, and dander.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this purifier makes in just a short amount of time.

One of the best features of this air purifier is its dual-channel and 360-degree air inlet technology, which covers every corner of the room and refreshes the air in spaces up to 215 sq ft.

This means that no matter where you place it, your entire room will benefit from cleaner air.

When it comes to noise levels, the AROEVE really shines.

The low decibel operation at 22db, especially when sleep mode is activated, ensures that this device is barely noticeable.

Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing indoor environment while reaping the benefits of cleaner air.

Plus, the aroma pad lets you add your favorite essential oils for an extra touch of fragrance as the purifier circulates fresh air.

Keep in mind that the AROEVE’s compact size may not be ideal for larger rooms, and its 120 voltage means it can only be used within the United States.

To ensure your device always performs at its best, remember to replace the filter cartridge approximately every 3-6 months.


  • Effective HEPA filter
  • High circulation rate for better coverage
  • Quiet operation with sleep mode


  • May need frequent filter replacement
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • 120V voltage limits its usage to the United States

5. CORNMI Air Purifier Plug-In

CORNMI Air Purifiers Plug In for Home

To eliminate mothball smell efficiently, you should definitely consider the CORNMI Air Purifier Plug-in for your home.

What I liked about this is that it can be plugged anywhere—even in your closet.

This compact air purifier is designed to tackle pet odors, secondhand smoke, and kitchen smells, making your indoor air feel fresh and natural.

Its built-in ozone and negative ion generator work in combination to break down and absorb particles, reducing the presence of a mothball smell.

The CORNMI air purifier provides you with three modes to choose from.

Whether you need a negative ion purifier mode, ozone timing mode, or ozone cycle mode, this little device has you covered.

Plus, with its silent design and low power consumption, you won’t even notice it’s there.

However, keep in mind that this air purifier might not be suitable for large rooms, and the ozone feature could be a hit or miss depending on personal preferences.

Moreover, some users have reported difficulties contacting the manufacturer regarding the 12-month warranty.

Despite these drawbacks, the CORNMI Air Purifier Plug-in has proven itself to be effective for many users, making it a great addition to any small room plagued by mothball smells.

So, why not give it a try and breathe fresher air in your home?


  • 2-in-1 pluggable ozone and negative ion generator
  • Three adjustable modes for various needs
  • Low noise, eco-friendly, and energy-saving


  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • The ozone feature might not be appreciated by everyone
  • Limited warranty support

Air Purifier for Mothball Smell: Buying Guide

Are you excited to choose the best air purifier for the mothball smell? Let’s dive into the features you should look for!

First, check out the type of filter the air purifier uses.

You want to make sure it’s got a HEPA filter since they do the best job at trapping tiny particles, like mothball odors.

Next, consider the size of the room you’re trying to purify.

You’ll need to know the air purifier’s coverage area to make sure it’s strong enough for the space.

Your air purifier should match or exceed the square footage of your room!

Another useful feature to look for is an activated carbon filter.

These filters are great at absorbing pesky mothball odors, so it’s a game-changer for your air-purifying quest.

Lastly, think about the air purifier’s noise level and energy efficiency.

If you plan to use it in your bedroom or living area, you want it to be quiet and easy on your energy bill.

Remember, finding the perfect air purifier is all about understanding your needs and looking for the most effective features. Happy shopping!

air purifier for mothball smells featured image

FAQs about Air Purifier for Mothball Smell

How long does it take for an air purifier to remove mothball smell?

The length of time it takes for an air purifier to remove the mothball smell depends on several factors, such as the size of the room, the strength of the odor, and the type of air purifier being used.

Generally, it may take several hours to several days for an air purifier to completely remove the mothball smell from a room.

Do I need to run the air purifier continuously to remove the mothball smell?

To effectively remove the mothball smell from a room, running the air purifier continuously for several days is recommended.

This will help to ensure that all of the odor-causing particles are captured and removed from the air.

Can I use an air purifier to remove mothball smell from my clothes?

While an air purifier can help to remove the mothball smell from the air in a room, it may not be effective at removing the odor from clothing.

To remove the mothball smell from clothing, you may need to wash the clothes several times or use a specialized odor-removing product.

Are there any natural remedies for removing the mothball smell besides using an air purifier?

Some natural remedies for removing the mothball smell include placing bowls of vinegar or baking soda in the affected area, using activated charcoal or coffee grounds to absorb the odor, and using essential oils like lavender or lemon to mask the smell.

However, these remedies may not be as effective as using an air purifier or other specialized odor-removing products.

Air Purifier for Mothball Smell: To Wrap Up

The mothball smell lingering in your home is not good. Why?

It can cause discomfort, make breathing difficult, and annoy you and your family members.

So, why is getting an air purifier important?

Air purifiers are great devices that help clean the air, remove unwanted mothball odor, and make your home feel fresh and safe.

An air purifier is an investment worth making since it improves your living environment!

When you use an air purifier, you’ll notice a difference in your home’s air quality.

Your family will breathe easier and feel more comfortable in a space free of irritating smells.

Plus, who doesn’t want a fresh and inviting home?

Remember, a healthier and happier living space awaits you with an air purifier for mothball smell.

Make the right choice and take a step towards cleaner air today!

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