Is It Safe To Have My Air Purifier Near My Computer?

When my first air purifier arrived, I was excited to start using it. 

After all, allergy season was just around the corner, and I was ready to put a barrier between me and the allergens that cause me so much trouble every year.

There was only one problem: I had no idea where to place the air purifier.

I decided the best place to put my air purifier was in my home office.

Since I work remotely, I spend most of my time in the office, so it would make sense to put the air purifier in that room.

And when taking a look at the office, I figured the best spot to place my air purifier would be beside my computer.

I felt it made sense because that’s where most of the dirt and dust collects. And I also wanted to keep all of that away from my computer. 

However, before I finalized where to place my air purifier, I researched the ideal placement for the air purifier.

To my surprise, most people recommended against putting the air purifier near the computer. 

And in this article, I’ll share with you the main reason you shouldn’t place an air purifier near a computer and how to find the best placement for your air purifier.

Read on to learn more.

Can I Place an Air Purifier Near a Computer?

You don’t want to place your air purifier near the computer as much as possible. 

This is because air purifiers qualify as “small appliances/electronics.” 

Personal computers fall under the same category, and it’s considered best practice to avoid placing small appliances and electronics near each other.

This is because of electronic interference. 

These electronics run on the same wavelength, interfere with each other, and affect the functionality of both machines. 

So, suppose you leave your air purifier near a computer. In that case, you might have to deal with functionality issues with both devices.

If you’re like me and still need an air purifier in your home office, you can place it far from the computer. 

Ideally, you want to place the air purifier across the computer and away from other small appliances and electronics to function to the best of its abilities.

What Is Electromagnetic Interference?

Electromagnetic interference is unwanted noise that can get in the way of an electrical path or circuit. 

This can be caused by electromagnetic waves, induction, electrostatic coupling, and conduction. 

Since electronic interference can affect circuits, it causes machines to not function properly. 

This is why placing your air purifier near a computer and other small electronics can affect its functionality and cause the air purifier (or the computer) not to work correctly.

Air Purifier Placement: Why It’s Important

I didn’t know this when I got my first air purifier. 

Still, finding the right placement for your air purifier is significant.

This rings true whether you’re placing an air purifier in your living room, office, or any area of the house. 

This is because air purifier placement has a direct effect on functionality.

Even if you have the most expensive or sophisticated air purifiers on the market, leaving them in the wrong place can significantly affect their functionality. 

This means you won’t be able to get all the benefits of using an air purifier.

So, before your air purifier arrives, I recommend figuring out the best place to put it. 

This saves you time when you’re setting up the air purifier. 

Still, it also allows you to figure out where to place the air purifier to get the most benefits possible.

Finding the Best Spot for Your Air Purifier

Here are some key tips for finding the best air purifier spot:

Find Areas With the Best Airflow

The first thing to consider is airflow. An air purifier requires decent airflow to function correctly. 

If you place the air purifier in a spot with good airflow, more particles and pollutants flow through it. 

This means the filters will capture all the particles before they float around the air and enter your lungs.

I advise against placing the air purifier in the corner or areas where the airflow is low or disrupted. 

Ideally, air purifiers should be placed near the center of the room. 

Still, any area with decent airflow would also work fine.

Elevate the Air Purifier

Another thing that you might want to do is elevate the air purifier. 

When you do this, you allow more air to flow through the air purifier. 

This makes the device much more effective and is key to capturing as many particles and pollutants as possible.

Place It Near Sources of Air

Another critical tip is placing your air purifier near air sources. Ideally, you want to keep the room sealed and close all doors and windows when the air purifier is on. 

That way, once it purifies the air, the air stays clean.

However, suppose you can’t avoid opening a door or window. 

In that case, you can place the air purifier near these entrances and exits. 

That way, whenever unpurified air enters the room, it passes through the air purifier first, so no particles and pollutants make their way inside.

Air Purifier Near My Computer – Conclusion

Figuring out how to get the most out of your air purifier can be hard. 

However, one of the easiest ways to ensure your air purifier is functioning correctly is by finding the right placement for the machine. 

And suppose you plan on putting the air purifier in your home office. In that case, I highly recommend that you keep it away from your computer.

Even the most modern appliances are vulnerable to electrical interference. 

Both computers and air purifiers qualify as small electronics. 

So, there’s a high chance that these two machines can interfere, especially since they run on the same wavelength.

So, when your new air purifier arrives, it might be best to keep it away from your computer. 

And once you do that, you’re one step closer to finding the best placement for your new air purifier!

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