Putting Your Air Purifier Near Your TV Is A Terrible Idea

I was incredibly excited when I got my first air purifier. 

The second it arrived, I immediately unboxed it and tried to get it to work. The thing was, I had no idea where to put it.

This was when I figured placing it next to the TV would be a great spot.

After all, it was in a place that wouldn’t grab too much attention, and I figured it would be where the air purifier could efficiently do its job. 

The thing is, I had no clue at the time that placing your air purifier next to the TV isn’t just a bad idea. 

Still, it’s one of the worst places to put your air purifier.

So, once I learned that I found a better spot for my air purifier, turned it on, and went about my day. 

The thing was, I was still really curious as to why I couldn’t place my air purifier there in the first place.

That’s when I researched and learned some pretty helpful information.

And in this article, I’ll share that information with you. 

That way, you understand why you shouldn’t place your air purifier near your TV and where you should place your air purifier for the best functionality.

Why You Shouldn’t Place Your Air Purifier Near Your TV

First, you shouldn’t place your air purifier near your TV because of airflow. Typically, TVs are placed on or near the wall. 

So, placing your air purifier below or behind the TV won’t get that much airflow. 

This means that air won’t flow through your air purifier, and it won’t be able to catch as many particles as you’d want it to.

The second reason I advise against placing an air purifier near the TV is electronic interference. Remember, air purifiers are classified as small electronics. And generally, you shouldn’t be placing small electronics near each other.

This is because air purifiers and other small appliances run at the same wavelength. And when placed near each other, the devices won’t function as well due to electronic interference. 

So, place your air purifier near your TV. 

You might have to deal with a fair amount of electronic interference, which can harm its functionality.

With air purifiers, placement is critical

This is why you should pay close attention to where you place your air purifier, as the wrong placement can affect its functionality. 

But don’t worry; I’ve included a guide to finding the best air purifier placement in the next section.

Tips for Finding the Best Placement for Your Air Purifier

Keeping your air purifier away from the TV is the first step in finding the best placement. 

A few factors go into where your air purifier would be the most functional in your house.

It is essential to consider all these factors when setting up a new air purifier.

Here are some tips for finding the best air purifier placement to ensure that you won’t be inhaling any harmful particles and pollutants when at home:

Avoid Corners

First, you want to avoid corners as much as possible. 

Most people place their air purifier in a corner because it’s not pleasing to the eye, so you’re probably stomping your feet.

Why would you want this eyesore out in the middle of the room?

Placing the air purifier in a corner seems like a great idea because it’s a spot that won’t be seen and isn’t too noticeable.

Yet, the air purifier doesn’t get that much airflow when placed in a corner. 

Air purifiers require good airflow to function correctly, which we’ll get to later.

But for now, just know that the corner of the room is one of the worst spots to place your air purifier.

Find Areas with Good Airflow

If you’re having difficulty figuring out where to palace your air purifier, just ask yourself where it can receive the best airflow. 

This is because if your air purifier is in a spot with good airflow, more air will pass through the filters, allowing it to catch as many particles as possible.

Ideally, this would be in the middle of the room. 

However, this isn’t a good spot for many people as it disrupts their interior design. 

So, if you don’t want to place the air purifier in the center of the room, you can place it somewhere else as long as it has good airflow.

Keep the Air Purifier Elevated

Another way to bring the most out of your air purifier is to place it on an elevated surface. 

This could be on a shelf, on top of a table, or any place above the ground. 

For the best results, we recommend placing the air purifier at least 3 feet above the ground, as this is a great height for it to capture as many particles and pollutants in the air as possible.

Place It Near Air Sources

Ideally, you want to keep the room closed when running an air purifier. But if you can’t avoid this, then another good option is to place it near the air sources. 

That way, whenever unpurified air enters the room, the air purifier can catch it before it enters your lungs.

So, if you can, I recommend placing the air purifier near a door or window, especially if you leave the door and window open while hanging out inside the room.


There are quite a few things to consider when determining where to palace your air purifier. 

But trust me, if you put the effort in to find the best spot for your air purifier, you will reap a lot of benefits.

One thing you want to remember is to avoid placing it near your TV and other electronics. 

You may not see it, but electronic interference can greatly affect your devices, especially when they are placed close together.

And if you make sure the air purifier is away from small appliances, then you are one step closer to finding the best spot to place your new air purifier!