Top 4 Best Air Purifiers for Dorm Rooms [Bought & Tested]

If you want to know the best air purifiers for dorm rooms, you’ve just clicked the right article.

Trust me – an air purifier is one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your dorm room.

These appliances make the room feel more comfortable, removing harmful particles floating around the air.

This makes for a much safer environment for you and anyone with whom you share the dorm.

And in this article, I’ve listed four of the best air purifiers I found for dorm rooms available today.

So, read on to learn more.

Best Air Purifiers for Dorm Rooms

1. Levoit Core 300S – The Best Overall

Levoit Core 300S

After testing out many air purifiers on the market, I decided that the Levoit Core 300S is arguably the best option for people living in a dorm.

To start, this is one of the most affordable models on the market that features a True HEPA filter.

So, with this model, you’ll get top-tier filtration without having to bust the bank, which is very important for most students.

On top of that, it features smart connectivity, so you can easily link the device to your phone and control all the settings.

The HEPA filter on this air purifier is specifically designed for dust and pollutants in the air.

That way, it effectively filters out all the particles in the air you don’t want in your lungs, creating a much safer indoor environment.

And for the price, I was surprised that this model comes with an automatic mode.

With auto mode, you can leave the air purifier on, and it automatically adjusts to the air quality in the room.

So, when the air quality is poor, the air purifier works significantly harder while slowing down once the air quality improves.

My only qualm with this model is that it could be quieter.

While the noise levels aren’t exactly a problem, it would be much better if this air purifier operated at lower noise levels.

All in all, this is one of the best air purifiers you can get your hands on if you live in a dorm room and one of my top recommendations on the market. 


● The best air purifier for dorm rooms

● Compact and sleek design

● Comes with an excellent filtration system

● Easy to use

● Connects to your phone


● The air purifier could be quieter

2. Germ Guardian AC9200WCA 27 – The Best Premium Pick

Germ Guardian AC9200WCA 27

Next up is the premium pick, which I recommend to anyone willing to invest more money in a genuinely top-tier air purifier.

This is the only air purifier on my list with a HEPA filter and a UV-C light.

It provides much more protection as the air purifier uses two different technologies to eliminate harmful particles in the air.

This air purifier can handle just about any particles, whether dealing with dust, pet dander, or even harmful and foul odors.

Another cool feature is that this is a portable air purifier.

It has a convenient carry handle on the top, allowing you to move it wherever you need the air purifier.

This is great for people who tend to move dorms frequently, as it’s easy for you to move this air purifier around.

The only major complaint I have with this air purifier is the price.

While it definitely comes with the necessary features to justify the price tag, it would have been much better if Germ Guardian had made this air purifier more affordable.


● Comes with premium features

● Effects multi-stage filtration

● Easy to move around

● Great for odors, dust, and pollution

● Silent operation


● Fairly expensive

3. Honeywell HPA100 – The Best Budget Pick

Honeywell HPA100

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this Honeywell air purifier is the best model for people shopping on a budget.

This basic air purifier is designed for spaces up to 155 square feet, making it the perfect size for your average dorm.

The air purifier features a real HEPA filter, which was quite a surprise considering its low cost.

This is a very simple air purifier with many buttons on top that you can use to control the settings.

And as you might guess, this budget-friendly air purifier sadly lacks some features you’d want in a dorm air purifier.

For example, it has no automatic mode and can’t connect to your phone.

But if you’re willing to let go of those features for a more affordable yet effective air purifier, this is a great pick.

One thing to remember is that this air purifier is one of the noisier options on the list. It’s not great for people sensitive to sound or if you live with many other dorm mates.

But aside from that, I barely had any complaints with this air purifier and will still gladly recommend it to any college student looking for an affordable dorm air purifier.


● Very affordable

● Decent filtration system

● Ideal for small to medium dorms

● Easy to use

● Simple design


● Lacks automatic mode and smart features

● Fairly noisy

4. HATHASPACE HSP001 – The Best Smart Air Purifier


You’ll notice several smart air purifiers if you go on the market today. Still, not many can compete with this HATHASPACE model.

If you’re looking for a modern smart air purifier that would be a good fit in your dorm, this is the model I’ll recommend for you.

This is a quiet and efficient air purifier with top-tier filtration, so you can expect it to effectively filter out any floating particles.

But that isn’t the main selling point of this air purifier.

The reason I featured this air purifier is its unique smart features.

The digital air quality monitor is one of the first things you’ll notice on this air purifier.

This automatic sensor changes the purifier’s settings depending on the air quality.

That way, all you have to do is turn it on and leave it on automatic mode without worrying about changing the settings.

Having a digital air quality monitor is a great way to assess the air quality in your dorm constantly.

So, if you want a modern smart air purifier for your dorm, make sure to look at this model.


● Very quiet

● Comes with great smart features

● Easy to use

● Effective filtration

● Digital air quality monitor on the front


● Fairly expensive

Why Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Dorm?

An air purifier may be one of many things you think about when buying appliances for your dorm room.

However, since dorms are usually small spaces you share with others, ensuring good air quality is essential.

That way, everyone inside the dorm is much safer than they would be without an air purifier.

On top of that, air purifiers are also capable of removing foul and strong odors.

As any former college student will tell you, having a foul smell lingering in the dorm room can be a terrible experience.

So, while you may not think about it right away, air purifiers benefit anyone living in a dorm.

And if you’re moving into a new dorm soon or looking for ways to make your dorm feel more comfortable, it might be time to invest in one yourself!

What Features Do I Need in a Dorm Room Air Purifier?

You can’t just buy any air purifier when living in a dorm room.

There are many models on the market, and choosing one that will work for your specific space is essential.

So, here are some of the key features you need from a dorm room air purifier for the best possible experience.

Good Filtration

One of the most essential features of any air purifier is its filtration system.

It’s crucial to have an air purifier with a high-quality filtration system that eliminates all unnecessary and harmful particles.

Ideally, you will need an air purifier with a real HEPA filter to capture dust and microscopic pollutants.

This is the primary filter that all modern air purifiers need.

But for additional functionality, consider multi-stage filtration systems so that the air purifier also captures foul odors and large particles.

Quiet Operation

Even the largest dorms in a facility are small and cramped.

If you have a loud air purifier constantly on in one of these small rooms, it can be really annoying and distracting.

And if you share the room with other dormmates, having a loud air purifier is also pretty rude.

This is why you need to make sure that you buy an air purifier that can operate as silently as possible.

Most air purifiers will have their noise levels listed in the product description.

Ideally, you want an air purifier that operates at 50 dBA or less.

60 dBA is around the noise level of a normal conversation, so you want to ensure that the air purifier is far quieter than that.

Low-Key Design

Again, since your dorm is likely a relatively small space, you’ll want an air purifier that doesn’t steal that much attention away from the rest of the room.

This is why the options I placed on the list all feature low-key designs that are sleek, modern, and aren’t that loud.

Additionally, getting one of the smaller air purifiers on the market might be beneficial.

While large air purifiers are great for apartments and big homes, they might be excessive and take up too much space in your dorm.

So, keep the size of the air purifier small and the design simple.


Best Air Purifiers for Dorm Rooms – Conclusion

An air purifier is one of your best investments if you live in a dorm.

That said, there are so many models on the market right now that it can take time to find the best fit for your dorm.

The main reason I compiled this list is to give you an easier time choosing a good air purifier for your needs.

I included various models, so the list contains an air purifier for just about anyone. But if you’re still in doubt, you can also check out our article about the best air purifiers for small rooms.

And now that you know the best models available, all left to do is choose the right option for your dorm!

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