7 Best Air Purifiers for Dust: No More Sneezing!

My first time buying an air purifier was definitely a learning experience. I originally bought an air purifier for the dust problem in my new apartment, as it was causing my allergies to act up. However, I later found out that the air purifier I bought couldn’t filter out fine dust particles as it was designed to remove odors, so my new air purifier was essentially useless.

But fast forward a couple of years, and I’ve learned a lot.

Now, I have a couple of air purifiers at home that can handle all of my specific needs.

Whether spring is just around the corner and I’m looking to filter our dust and pollen or if I’ve cooked a flavorful dinner the night before and want to get rid of the residual odors, I know that my air purifiers can handle the job.

It took me a long time and a lot of research to determine what kind of air purifiers work for dust. And just so you won’t have to go through the same struggles as I did, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best air purifiers for dust and specific features to consider when buying an air purifier.

That way, you won’t buy the wrong model and waste your money like I did a couple of years back.

1.   Coway Airmega AP-1512HH – The Best Overall Air Purifier for Dust

After figuring out that my first air purifier wasn’t doing the job, I made sure to do the appropriate research for my next buy. And after going on forums, asking friends, and watching videos on the internet, I found that this Coway model was the best fit for my needs.

To start, it has one of the core features you need in a home air purifier for dust: a true HEPA filter. This is a mechanical filter made out of very fine fiberglass threads that are designed to capture even the finest solid dust particles.

But on top of that, this model comes with a pre-filter and a carbon filter. That way, you get to capture odors, dust, pet hair, and anything that may pollute your indoor air. And aside from that, this air purifier comes with a very sleek and modern design that I have absolutely no complaints about.

Another cool feature was the air quality monitoring feature. On the device, you have an LED that shows your room’s air quality, so you know whether or not you’re constantly breathing in polluted air. Additionally, this feature works hand in hand with automatic mode so that the air purifier will adjust its speed and strength according to the air quality in the room.

The air purifier is designed for a room of around 360 square feet, which was perfect for my needs. If you own an office or want an air purifier for a large space, this may not be the one for you. But for a bedroom, home office, or simple dining area, this is one of the best air purifiers available.


  • Comes with a true HEPA filter
  • Three-layer filtration system captures odors and pet hair
  • Has an indicator that shows when it’s time to replace the filter
  • Constantly monitors the air quality
  • Comes with a very functional and useful automatic mode


  • Not designed for extra-large rooms

2.   LEVOIT Core 300 – The Best Air Purifier for Small Rooms

If you have a tiny studio apartment or bedroom, this is one of the best air purifiers for you.

The LEVOIT Core 300 is one of the smallest air purifiers on our list.

However, this makes it great for tiny rooms without using too much electricity or costing you a lot of money.

This air purifier is very budget-friendly.

But to my surprise, when researching the product, I found that it sported a true HEPA filter.

There are tons of air purifiers that are larger and more expensive than this one that doesn’t even have a true HEPA filter, which is why this feature came as a very pleasant surprise.

And since the air purifier is so small, it operates very quietly.

This is great since if you want to make the most out of your air purifier and really make sure you aren’t inhaling dust, you need to keep it on 24/7.

The silent operations make it very easy to sleep even with the air purifier on, which is always a huge plus.

While you will have to replace the filters eventually, LEVOIT gives you great replacement options.

Aside from the standard True HEPA Filter, you can choose between filters specifically for pet hair, dust, allergies, and strong odors whenever you need to replace the original filter.

This gives you a bit more flexibility.

However, this means that this purifier is missing a multi-layered filtration system.

While this was a slight letdown, it was also very understandable since this is a compact and affordable air purifier.

You won’t be able to use this for large rooms. But if you’re looking for an affordable and simple air purifier that does the job well, this is a great pick.


  • Ideal for small rooms and apartments
  • Simple and easy to use
  • You have the option to change the filter depending on your needs
  • Relatively affordable
  • It comes with a true HEPA Filter


  • Not the strongest air purifier available
  • Not great for large rooms

3.   WEN 3410 – The Best Air Purifier for Workshops

This is a pretty unique pick. This is because this air purifier isn’t like any of the others you’ll find on this list. Instead, this is an air filtration system that is specifically designed for workshops.

While it may not be the best option for the home, it’s a great pick if you have a workshop that constantly has a lot of dust.

I chose to feature this model because I found that I needed a completely different air purifier whenever I’d be in my workshop.

I needed something a bit more industrial instead of the sleek and cool modern air purifiers. And to my surprise, I found that you don’t even have to spend that much to get one of these air purifiers.

But before I explain the different features of this model, let’s address the elephant in the room: the air purifier doesn’t have a true HEPA filter.

However, it has one filter that can handle particles up to 5 microns small and another filter that can handle particles up to 1 micron.

So, you will be able to get top-tier filtration from this air purifier even if it doesn’t have a true HEPA filter.

Additionally, it has a remote and a time delay filter.

This is great as it means you don’t have to turn the machine on and off manually. And if ever you have to turn it off manually, you won’t even have to walk to the machine anyway.

Again, this is not an air purifier for the house.

But since there are tons of people out there who head to their workshops where they expose themselves to a ton of particles and allergens, this air purifier is still very valuable.


  • Very strong and can handle very dusty workshops
  • Great for people who do woodworking and similar tasks
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a very fine filter
  • It comes with mounting hooks


  • Not great for home use

4.   Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier – The Best Premium Air Purifier for Dust

To be honest, I was never a big fan of Dyson.

While I appreciated the technology and innovation in their designs, I always found their products a bit too expensive.

But when reading through the different features of this air purifier, I started to understand that these products are definitely worth the price tag.

Now, I didn’t choose this air purifier for my home.

But this would have been my go-to pick if I had a bit of extra money to spend on a top-quality air purifier.

To start, just look at the design. Isn’t it something you’ve never seen before?

Despite the unique design, you can rest assured that it works just as well as any air purifier.

It has a true HEPA filter to catch dust and other particles effectively. And if odors in your home are also a concern, this model also features an activated carbon filter that absorbs VOCs and other things that can cause an indoor space to smell.

However, one of my favorite features of this model is the fact that it can heat or cool the air. This would have been a great pick for me since I live in an area with very hot summers and cold winters.

With the press of a button, this air purifier can cool or heat up the air according to your needs.

On top of that, it has a very accurate sensor to check the air quality. And if the air quality in the room is poor, it can speed things up to make sure the air purifier is doing the best it can to ensure you always breathe clean air.


  • Has heating and cooling features
  • Sports a very unique design
  • Equipped with a real HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
  • Great sensor to check the air quality
  • Comes with a bunch of smart features


  • One of the most expensive models on this list

5.   Alen 75i Air Purifier – The Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

For this next air purifier, we’ll be going back to more traditional home air purifiers. But before you freak out at the price tag of this model, you need to understand that this is arguably stronger than any other purifier on this list.

This is because the Alen 75i is specifically designed for extra-large spaces, which is why I decided to feature it on this list.

One of the reasons I chose this extra-large model over any of the others on the market is the fact that it operates very silently.

Usually, air purifiers of this size are very loud, making it slightly annoying for people to keep them on for extended periods of time.

However, you can easily leave this air purifier on and forget about it.

On top of that, it has a very robust filtration system that features a True HEPA filter, which means it will easily filter out any dust or mold that’s floating around the room.

Another cool feature was the smart air quality detector.

Instead of providing you with complex numbers and metrics regarding air quality, it uses a simple LED light.

That way, you can instantly tell whether or not the air quality is good in a room and adjust the purifier accordingly.

Since it’s pretty expensive and very big, this air purifier isn’t for everyone.

If you’re new to air purifiers and just want a simple model for your bedroom, this might not be the best pick. But if you’re someone in need of an air purifier for a large apartment, office space, or even a full house, this is definitely the right option for you.


  • Specifically designed for extra-large rooms
  • Has a great air-quality monitoring system
  • Can also absorb smoke and toxic smells
  • Comes with a true HEPA filter to handle dust and other solid particles
  • Operates very silently


  • One of the more expensive options on the list
  • Not ideal for medium and small spaces

6.   LEVOIT Core 400s – The Best Air Purifier on a Budget

This next model is one that I believe really stands out.

To start, this is the most affordable air purifier on this list. But don’t worry, I did the research and learned that this air purifier could easily compete with models in more expensive price ranges.

For starters, it has one of the most important features of any high-quality air purifier: a true HEPA filter.

There aren’t that many air purifiers on the market that are this affordable and have a true HEPA filter, so this is already a step above its price range.

One thing I didn’t really appreciate was the lack of a multi-layered filtration system.

But considering its size and price point, it would have been impractical for LEVOIT to install this kind of filtration system. And if you want to change the filter to tackle odors or pet hair instead of dust and mold, there are customized replacement filters available.

Additionally, this model is very quiet.

Since it’s a small and compact air purifier, it doesn’t have an obnoxiously loud motor powering it.

So, that means you can leave it on all the time without worrying about noise or a significant increase in your power consumption.

It even has automatic mode and smart control, which are features usually reserved for some of the more expensive models on the market.

So, you can rest assured that this air purifier will give you your money’s worth and then some.


  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact design
  • Comes with a True HEPA Filter
  • Very affordable
  • Great for small rooms


  • Doesn’t use multiple filters
  • Not ideal for larger spaces

7.   Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier – The Best Classic Air Purifier for Dust

When I went on Reddit to look for recommendations from people who have experience with air purifiers for dust, many recommended this model. And if it weren’t for the Coway model at the start of this list, I could have easily chosen this one instead.

One of my favorite features of this air purifier is its design.

Now, not everyone will like this simple and old-school design.

However, I myself really appreciated it as it reminded me of classic air purifiers that could last you years.

And while the design is old-school, it has a bunch of modern features.

For example, this model features a true HEPA filter, which is one of the main indicators of a high-quality air purifier.

Additionally, it has soft-touch control, which makes it much easier for people to adjust the settings.

With that said, I did notice that this model didn’t come with a smart or automatic mode.

This is a key reason I didn’t buy it and could be a major issue for some people. But if you’re fine with manually adjusting the fan speed as required, this shouldn’t be an issue for you at all.

Another cool feature was the fact that this model comes with an activated carbon filter.

So, the air purifier can easily absorb mold and dust as well as harmful odors and gases in the air.

This gives you protection on multiple fronts and could be a huge help to a lot of people.


  • Simple design
  • Durable build
  • Comes with a HEPA and activated carbon filter
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Easy filter replacement


  • Doesn’t have an automatic mode
  • The design isn’t for everyone

How to Find The Best Air Purifiers for Dust

Okay, so now that I’ve laid out some of the best air purifiers for dust on the market today, you may be wondering which one would be the best for your specific situation.

Well, everyone has different needs, especially when it comes to air purifiers.

So, you have to make sure to buy air purifiers that you know will be able to handle everything you need without any worries.

But on top of that, there are some features that you need to be able to filter out dust regardless of your individual needs.

And in this section, we’ll be taking a close look at those specific features.

Look for True HEPA Filters

My biggest mistake when buying my first air purifier years ago was skipping over a HEPA filter.

At the time, I thought HEPA filters were all hype and marketing, and I would be fine with just about any filter. But one thing that you need to remember is that air purifiers rely heavily on their filters, which is why I always recommend settling for nothing less than a true HEPA filter.

Many companies have “HEPA-like” filters. These share some of the design elements of true HEPA filters, but they don’t meet the standards that allow them to qualify as true HEPA filters.

But if you invest in an air purifier with a real HEPA filter, you’ll notice an instant difference, especially when it comes to dust.

HEPA filters are mechanical filters made of fine fiberglass threads that efficiently filter out very fine solid particles in the air.

You might find some air purifiers on the market that have a multi-layered filtration system.

These purifiers may include a carbon filter to help remove harmful odors from the air, which is a cool feature.

However, even in multilayered filtering systems, you have to ensure that it has a true HEPA filter if you want to eliminate dust from the air.

Buy the Right Model for the Room

Another major consideration is the room size.

Generally, air purifiers will clearly state what kind of room they’re designed for in their product description.

This is how you can learn if the air purifier is strong enough to handle your bedroom, living room, or office.

Larger rooms require much stronger air purifiers.

Even if you buy an air purifier with a True HEPA filter and top-of-the-line technology, it won’t do you much if you don’t have a model that’s large enough for the room.

This is one of the key reasons why you always have to consider how large of a room the air purifier can handle.

Check Out Maintenance Requirements

If you want your air purifier to work well every time you use it, you must know how to clean your air purifier and maintain it properly.

That’s why we recommend looking at your air purifier’s maintenance requirements. And if there’s one thing that you would absolutely need to check out in terms of maintenance is the filter’s replacement cycle.

Most true HEPA filters aren’t designed to last forever.

While there are some “permanent” filters that you can rewash a couple of times, you’re eventually going to have to replace the entire thing.

But if you want to save yourself some time and a fair amount of money, we recommend going for models that have strong filters that can last you a long time.

This saves you the hassle of buying replacement filters every couple of months to keep your air purifier performing as well as you’d like.

Build Quality

Another thing to consider is the actual build quality of the machine.

You don’t want to get a cheap and flimsy air purifier that won’t be able to do the job for you.

What you want is a heavy-duty air purifier that can remain to stand and keep your air clean for many years.

So, when considering which air purifier is right for you, we recommend looking at the components that make up the machine and whether or not they are strong enough for the job.

Additionally, you may also want to look at how everything connects together and check if they did a proper job at assembling it.

Extra Features

Lastly, one of the joys of buying an air purifier is all the new features that come with modern models.

For example, there are multiple air purifiers out there that come with automatic mode.

These air purifiers use advanced sensors to detect the number of particles in the air and judge the air quality.

From there, it adjusts its settings to meet the requirements of the room and ensure the air is always as clean as possible.

Additionally, there are some air purifiers with smart mode as well.

The beauty of these air purifiers is that they can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi, which is a huge plus.

This allows you to tweak the settings and turn your air purifier on and off whenever needed.

Remember, while all these extra features are nice, they are just that: extra features. They aren’t exactly part of the base requirements you need for your air purifier, but they could be a major difference-maker for many people.

So, when looking through the extra features of the air purifier, try to consider how these features apply to you and whether or not they will actually make a difference for you.

Why You Should Trust This Review

You may be wondering how I was able to find all these great air purifiers. The answer is simple: time.

The first time I bought an air purifier was years ago. And as I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t the best experience, and I ended up with an air purifier that didn’t exactly suit my needs.

But after I realized I had made the wrong decision, I took my time to really learn what makes a good air purifier and how to find one for my needs.

And on top of my own experience with these machines, I took a deep dive into them to learn all of these facts.

I checked out forums from websites like Reddit that could provide me with real information from people with more experience than me. But I also looked at videos and content from other reputable sources to ensure that I knew all I needed to know about these machines.

That’s how I wrote this list and decided which models truly stood out. So, you can rest assured that every model I chose to feature will hit the mark, and it’s up to you to figure out which one can suit your specific needs.

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