Can An Air Purifier Help With A Cough?

Does an air purifier help with cough and other respiratory ailments?

That’s a good question, but one that requires a bit of analysis to answer correctly.

Causes of coughs

What is causing your cough?

Is there an air purifier for dry cough symptoms, or are they more generic in their application?

Coughs can come from a variety of causes.

Airborne pollutants, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and natural allergens can all generate a cough.

If you have a cough created by one of these irritants, then yes, an air purifier can help alleviate your cough.

Finding an air purifier for cough symptoms doesn’t have to be a challenge, there are many competing models on the market, but they all break down to just two styles of purification.

The first is mechanical, which is forcing air through a filter to trap particles, and the second is an ionization filter that changes the polarity of airborne particles so they become trapped on solid objects in a room.

The problem with the ionization process is that it can generate ozone, and the solution works only as long as the negative charge holds the particles out of the air.

Will an air purifier help with cough today?

Will an air purifier help with cough problems?

Yes, they all will. Removing airborne contaminants can only help a cough, cleaner air will never cause additional problems.

The cleaner air works with all types of coughs, but reduced pollutants in the air provided by an air purifier for dry cough can be especially beneficial.

How do you determine what type of air purifier for cough reduction? There are so many on the market, which one is the best air purifier for coughing?

The answer is that every one of them will help at least a little, but a solid, high-grade HEPA filter is the best solution.

They can remove up to 99.97% of all pollutants from the air you breathe.

How they work

Air purifiers work by drawing air in, then forcing it through a mechanical filter.

In this way, an air purifier for cough has great benefits.

If your cough is one brought on by pollen, which is a very common problem, the removal of pollen is the first step in determining will an air purifier help with cough.

An air purifier for cough features those high end filters with a mechanical device, but an ionization system has benefits too.

Getting those allergens, germs, dander, and dust to drop to the floor or the top of a counter where they can be wiped up or vacuumed away is a great idea.

But if you don’t do proper filter maintenance, or are lax in cleaning the dust off countertops even the best air purifier for cough won’t produce very good results.

When someone asks does an air purifier help with cough and allergy symptoms, the answer is yes, if properly maintained.

Cleaner air, a time tested therapy

An air purifier for cough and cold symptoms can be effective in reducing the amount of recovery time from a viral-based illness.

Cleaner air is beneficial to the recovery process.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, before the introduction of antibiotics, people were often sent to sanitariums in the American Southwest to alleviate breathing problems, the clean desert air, with its lower pollen levels and no man-made pollution cured many people of respiratory problems.

With the best air purifier for coughing problems installed in your home, you can get those same benefits.

It’s not quite like a trip to Phoenix in the middle of winter, but finding the best air purifier for coughing can at least simulate that old-style respiratory therapy.

So, will an air purifier help with cough problems?

Every one of them will, it’s just a question of how does an air purifier help with cough issues.

Air purifiers, best in humid or dry air?

An air purifier with a humidifier works best when looking for an air purifier for dry cough, but a wet cough might need just the opposite, a less humid environment that still utilizes the best air purifier for coughing.

Air purifiers, used in conjunction with devices that raise or lower humidity can be an effective combination.

A humidifier, especially the cold misting style can help with a dry cough by increasing the moisture in the air.

An air purifier, used with an air conditioner, which when in operation cools by dehumidifying the air, can reduce coughing with some allergy related issues.

The type of add on device, used in conjunction with an air purifier can be a very beneficial combination.


Will air purifiers help with cough?

Can they alleviate that annoying cough that has you choked up at the most inopportune moments?

Yes, they can, but only if used properly.

We’ve reviewed primarily mechanical air purifiers, without looking at ionization systems very much.

An ionization system can help with cough symptoms too, but the extra dust they generate when particles are polarized and drop to the ground can be a major irritant and can increase coughing in some people.

That increased coughing comes when the polarized dust is blown by an open window or brushed off a surface with a dry cloth.

The last thing you want to do is spend the time, effort and money to purify the air in your home only to see the problem get worse because of the solution.