Can I Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier in the Same Room?

When I started using my air purifier, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to use it while my humidifier was turned on.

These are two different appliances that serve their own function.

I knew that using an air purifier around other small electronics can sometimes lead to the devices not working adequately.

I couldn’t give up either of these appliances, so I was glad to learn that air purifiers and humidifiers work well together.

Using them simultaneously could make for a much more comfortable in-home climate.

Still, you need to know a couple more things before starting these appliances simultaneously.

So, let’s dive deeply into air purifiers and humidifiers, what they do, and why you might want to use them simultaneously.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Before anything, we must look at what either appliance does.

So, let’s start with the air purifier.

As the name suggests, air purifiers clean the air and improve air quality.

There are different ways to do this, but most modern air purifiers use filtration to clean the air.

Typically, an air purifier has a pre-filter, carbon filter, and HEPA filter.

These three filters capture particles that would otherwise enter your lungs and cause complications.

These particles include dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

Many air purifiers are adept at removing pollution and VOCs from the indoor air.

There are tons of benefits to using an air purifier.

As a person with seasonal allergies, air purifiers are a blessing.

With my air purifier on, I no longer have to worry about sneezing and feeling stuffy when spring comes around.

And since I have pets, it also keeps me from getting allergic reactions.

What Do Humidifiers Do?

Humidifiers are designed to add moisture to the air.

I need one because I live in an area with pretty dry air.

This can affect my skin and make me uncomfortable since I grew up in a humid climate.

I usually use my humidifier during the winter months.

As it gets colder, the air gets dryer.

On top of that, when my radiators are on, they also draw out moisture from the air, causing nasal issues and skin irritation.

I use my humidifier to reintroduce moisture into the air, doing wonders for my skin and sinuses.

Why Do You Need a Humidifier?

I owned an air purifier before a humidifier because I live in an area with notoriously dry air.

I constantly deal with windburn, dry sinuses, and dry skin when the colder months come.

But once I turn my humidifier on, I don’t have to worry about my issues.

This is because humidifiers reintroduce moisture to the air.

They do this through evaporation.

You load water into the humidifier, and then the appliance forces the water to evaporate, making the air less dry, and offering a range of benefits.

But to drive home why you need a humidifier and how it works, let’s go through the benefits below.

Keeps Hair and Skin Moist

Dry hair and skin can be pretty annoying.

Whenever the air is dry, my hair and skin suffer the most.

I notice that my locks aren’t looking as luscious, and my skin looks very unhealthy.

Even if I have a proper skincare routine and stay hydrated, I can’t compete with dry air.

But since humidifiers introduce moisture into the air, my skin and hair stay moist throughout the day.

Better Sleep

One of the reasons I feel uncomfortable when the air is dry is that I don’t get proper sleep.

When the air is dry, my respiratory passages aren’t lubricated, which causes me to snore.

So, when I wake up, I don’t feel as well rested.

But since humidifiers lessen the dryness in the air, my airways are much more lubricated.

That’s why using a humidifier at night can reduce snoring and help you sleep better.

Great for the Home

You aren’t the only one in the house that can benefit from moist air.

For example, dry air can significantly affect your home if you have houseplants in your home.

If you want to keep your plants as healthy as possible, introducing more moisture to the air through a humidifier is a great idea.

On top of that, keeping the air moist also helps the wallpaper stay in good condition.

Dry air can cause the wallpaper to crack, so a humidifier could be an excellent investment to keep your home in the best state possible.

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers don’t help with humidity.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t beneficial.

Air purifiers clean the air, as you might be able to tell by the name.

These appliances can do this through various filters.

A modern air purifier typically has a HEPA, carbon, and pre-filter.

All these filters capture and eliminate different air particles, creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

Many benefits come with using an air purifier.

But in this section, I’ll only highlight some of the best features of owning one of these appliances.

Cleaner Air

The most significant benefit of owning an air purifier is exposing yourself to cleaner air.

We live in very polluted environments nowadays.

And while you can’t control the air quality when you’re outside your home, the least you can do is manage it inside.

Many pollutants and particles enter our indoor air, meaning we usually breathe them in.

You can stop the particles from entering your system with an air purifier.

The different filters in modern air purifiers are excellent at trapping particles and pollutants.

That way, you only breathe in clean and pollutant-free air at home.

This offers tons of health benefits, and I instantly noticed the difference when I turned my air purifier on.

Fewer Allergies

Another benefit of using air purifiers is that you get fewer allergic reactions.

The particles air purifiers remove from the air include dust and pollen, which are widespread allergens.

And since an air purifier eliminates these particles, you won’t be inhaling as much, drastically reducing allergic reactions.

I struggle with seasonal allergies myself.

So, whenever there’s dust and pollen in the room, I can’t help but start sneezing and coughing.

However, my air purifiers ensure this doesn’t happen as often.

Even when the allergy season in my area is intense, I notice that I don’t have as many reactions when my air purifier is turned on.

Can I Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier in the Same Room?

I was under the impression that I couldn’t use my air purifier and humidifier in the same room.

I thought that the air purifier and humidifier would work against each other.

This is because I had the misconception that air purifiers dry out the air, making my humidifier’s job harder.

Besides, I thought my air purifier couldn’t handle the humid air and would break due to the moisture.

However, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case.

Using an air purifier and humidifier simultaneously can bring you many benefits.

Modern air purifiers are designed to handle a wide range of humidity conditions.

So, you won’t need to worry about the air purifier malfunctioning because of the humidifier.

Also, air purifiers do not dry the air; they filter it.

This is why both appliances can work together well, and you won’t need to worry too much about them.

Neither cancels the other out and using them simultaneously might increase their functionality.

I’ll explain why in the next section. 

Why Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier at the Same Time?

So, let’s get to the benefits of using an air purifier and humidifier simultaneously.

To start, these appliances don’t cancel each other out.

This means you will benefit from both appliances in the same room, which can improve air quality.

The air purifier cleans the air while the humidifier introduces moisture.

So, the air will be much cleaner and easier to breathe.

On top of that, humidifiers can actually worsen air quality.

This is especially true if you put tap or unclean water inside the humidifier.

When you use tap water for your humidifier, it might introduce all the minerals in the water to the air.

If your air purifier is on, it can filter out these minerals before they enter your respiratory system and cause problems.

Using an air purifier and humidifier in the same room brings many benefits, and I highly recommend doing it.

Turning on both appliances will help the overall climate in the room feel better, especially if you struggle with allergies.

Is There a Downside to Using an Air Purifier and Humidifier in the Same Room?

While it has many benefits, using an air purifier and humidifier in the room also brings some cons.

The biggest downside is the power consumption.

Neither of these devices uses a lot of power on their own.

But if you use them together, your power consumption might go up.

However, both appliances are power-efficient, so even if your electric bill goes up, it won’t go up by too much.

The other downside is the noise.

Even if you bought silent air purifiers and humidifiers, they still produce noise.

You probably won’t be bothered by the sound when using one of the appliances at a time.

But the combined noise of both appliances can sometimes be annoying and is one of the reasons why some people don’t like using these appliances simultaneously.

Can I Use An Air Purifier and Humidifier in the Same Room? Conclusion

If you have an air purifier and humidifier, don’t hesitate to use them in the same room.

These appliances don’t get in the way of each other.

In fact, they can complement each other in the right circumstances.

Even if you’ll have to deal with more noise and use a bit more power with both appliances, it brings many benefits.

So, if you feel the air is dry in the room while the air purifier is on, don’t hesitate to turn on the humidifier to make things more comfortable.

And if you want, you could also opt for an air purifier and humidifier combo instead!

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