Honeywell InSight HPA5300B: Is This The Right Air Purifier For You?

When I first heard about the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B air purifier, I was curious to see how it would perform compared to other air purifiers on the market.

Honeywell is a well-known and established brand, after all.

I wondered how they would fare in cleaning the air with their air purifiers.

So I got my hand on one, used it for a couple of weeks, and then wrote this review.

Spoiler alert: I liked its performance!

Let me share with you my thoughts while using the Honeywell Insight HPA5300B unit in my home so you can decide if this is the right model for you.

Honeywell InSight HPA5300B

A Quick Look at Honeywell InSight HPA5300B Features

Before we dive right into the good stuff, let me add here first the actual features of this model as listed on Honeywell’s website.

  • HEPA Filtration: This home air purifier helps capture up to 99.97% of the following microscopic airborne allergens and particles: dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris, and smoke.
  • This portable air purifier uses an activated carbon pre-filter that helps capture large airborne particles and reduce odors and VOCs.
  • Independently tested and AHAM Verifide to circulate and filter room air up to 4.8 x per hour in a 500 sq. ft. room. (extra large room air purifier)
  • New InSight™ Display at-a-Glance Panel illuminates to show which cleaning level is active
  • Intelligent Air Quality Sensor continuously displays and monitors air quality
  • 4 Cleaning Levels (Microscopic Particles, General Clean, Pollen, and Turbo) make this an excellent air purifier for allergies
  • Touch screen LED control panel w/ auto-off timer (Set to 2, 4 & 8 hours)
  • Silent operation allows for a quiet air purifier experience
  • Control panel adjustable lighting (bright/dim/off)
  • Filter check/reset lights for HEPA and Pre-Filter
  • Accepts new optional Honeywell Enhanced Odor & VOC filters to help tackle specific household odors & VOCs from pets, kitchens, smoke, or home renovation (sold separately)
  • Includes recommended Certified Honeywell Filters: 1 HEPA Filter R and 1 Odor Reducing A Pre-filter
  • The Honeywell InSight™ HPA5300 HEPA Air Purifier earned the ENERGY STAR label by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA. Room air purifiers have demonstrated the potential for improving air quality and providing health benefits. EPA does not endorse manufacturer claims regarding the degree to which a specific product will produce healthier indoor air.
Honeywell Store Website

Honeywell InSight HPA5300B: Where Efficiency and Sleek Design Meet

Air Purifier Technology

The Honeywell InSight HPA 5300B air purifier uses a combination of filtration technologies to clean the air. These technologies include:

  1. Activated Carbon Pre-Filter: The activated carbon filter captures larger particles like dust and pet hair, extending the life of the other filters. It also absorbs odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, making it ideal for use in kitchens and other areas with cooking odors.
  2. HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, pet dander, and smoke.

With how my sinus cleared up after only a couple of hours of use, I’d say this unit effectively traps the allergens in the air that always make me sneeze.

This is the perfect air purifier, especially for people with allergies, because of the 4 cleaning levels to choose from.

I like that you can focus on filtering Microscopic Particles or Pollen on it (perfect for the pollen season!) But you can also just set it to General Clean and let it do the rest or set it to Turbo for faster purifying.

As for the odor, yes, I’d say it’s effective in neutralizing that, thanks to the activated pre-filter.

I tried it mainly against cooking odors and pet odors (if you’re a fellow cat owner, you know how strong their pee smell is!)

Coverage Area

Another key aspect of any air purifier is the coverage area.

I live in an 800 sq. ft. open-plan home. So just imagine how the pollutant from one area can easily transfer to a different one.

Well, I’m happy to report that the Honeywell InSight HPA 5300B effectively cleans the air in my space.

Its Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is about 4.8 times in a 500 sq. ft. room.

This means that when used in the recommended space, it can completely clean the air in your entire space for about 20 minutes.

While my apartment is a bit bigger than the 500 sq. ft., I’d say this Honeywell purifier still did a great and efficient job.

With that ample coverage, you can trust that your large living room will be purified efficiently.

User Interface and Control

I liked that the user interface of the HPA 5300B is pretty intuitive, featuring a filter indicator, a programmable timer, and different cleaning level options.

Unlike other purifiers that you’d have to wonder first if they’re actually working, the InSight trademark display on this Honeywell purifier gives you an idea of how it’s doing at a glance.

The air quality indicator and automatic sensor are also pretty much accurate, as the light changes from red to yellow to green, depending on where I put it.

And the cherry on top? This LED control panel is a touch screen, and the lights on it are adjustable to bright, dim, or off.

How cool is that?

Dimensions and Noise Levels

The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B is designed for larger rooms, with a coverage area of up to 500 sq ft.

The dimension is 22.3″ in Height, 19.1″ in Length and 10.06″ in Width.

Yes, it’s not the thinnest and the most compact air purifier that you can get, but considering how much space it can clean, I didn’t mind it at all.

As for the noise levels, well, I barely even notice it when it’s running! It’s perfect for keeping your living space quieter.

CADR Ratings

When it comes to the performance of air purifiers like the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B, one of the most essential factors to consider is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

I found that this particular air purifier has impressive CADR ratings.

  • 4.8 Air changes per hour in a 500 sq. ft. room.
  • Tobacco Smoke: 323
  • Dust: 335
  • Pollen: 335

So, if you’re looking for an air purifier that swiftly deals with such common pollutants, this model could be the right choice.

Energy Consumption

Of course, energy consumption is a critical factor when choosing an air purifier since it will impact your electricity bill.

We all want an air purifier that doesn’t consume much power, right?

Good thing that the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B is Energy Star Certified, which means this is as efficient as it gets when it comes to energy consumption.

Not all air purifiers or home appliances, for that matter, has this certification, so big thumbs up to this!

Honeywell InSight HPA5300B Maintenance and Aftercare Services

Filter Life

I’ve found that maintaining the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B is quite easy.

One of the most important things to remember is to change the filters regularly.

So, how long do the filters last?

Well, the life of a filter depends on the air quality and usage.

According to the user manual, the HEPA filter should be changed every 12 months, while the pre-filter needs to be replaced every 3 months.

Replacement Cost

The cost of filter replacement for the Honeywell HPA5300B is quite reasonable.

Based on my findings, a replacement filter for this model usually costs around $20 and above.

Check out these Amazon links for the actual current price of each filter type:

You can also look out for discount packages that can make it more cost-effective for you in the long run.

Not bad, eh?

Warranty Information

The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

What does this mean for you? Well, it’s a guarantee that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, typically for a specific period of time.

This is a pretty good deal since some brands only offer a 1 to 2-year warranty.

Customer Service Options

Now, what if you need some assistance with the product?

Honeywell’s got you covered.

There are a number of customer service options available to help with your InSight HPA5300B air purifier.

One option is to check out the product manual for troubleshooting guidance.

It’s a great place to start if you’re experiencing any issues.

If the manual doesn’t provide the answers you need, don’t worry!

Honeywell also offers support through their customer service team.

You can contact them via phone or email for help with your air purifier.

I’m confident they’ll be more than willing to assist you with whatever you need.

It’s a relief knowing you can always count on Honeywell to have your back if you encounter any issues or need help with the product.

Now that you’re well-informed, you can make your purchase decision with confidence!

Pros and Cons of Honeywell InSight HPA5300B


One of the best features of the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B air purifier is its ability to cover large spaces.

It’s designed for rooms up to 500 sq ft, which is perfect for those of us with bigger living areas.

The air quality indicator and auto-mode make it even easier for me to know when my air needs extra filtering, and the device adjusts accordingly.

I really like how this purifier offers 4 cleaning levels so that I can choose the right setting depending on my air quality needs.

And when it’s time to change the filters, the filter indicator is super helpful, saving me from having to guess when they need replacing.

The programmable timer is a great addition, too, allowing you to set it and forget it.

Even with all these amazing features, the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B remains whisper quiet on the auto setting, which is perfect for when I need some peace and quiet at home.

I also appreciate its sleek design, fitting easily into my décor.


While the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B offers numerous advantages, it does come with a slightly higher price tag compared to the Honeywell HPA300.

Plus, there are a lot of much cheaper options coming from other known brands too.

This may make it less appealing for some, especially if you’re on a budget.

There have been no significant drawbacks reported by users so far, but it’s always important to remember that individual experiences may vary.

And, as always with air purifiers, make sure to replace the filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

FAQs about the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B

What types of filters does the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B use?

The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B uses an activated carbon pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

The activated carbon pre-filter captures large particles like dust and pet hair and removes odors and VOCs.

The HEPA filter captures small particles like pollen and smoke.

How loud is the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B?

The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B has a noise level of 42-55 decibels, depending on the fan speed.

This is similar to the noise level of a quiet conversation or background music.

What are the dimensions of the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B?

The dimensions of the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B are 21.22 inches in height, 13.54 inches in width, and 10.83 inches in depth.

It weighs 17.25 pounds.

Is the Honeywell InSight HPA 5300B easy to set up and use?

The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B is designed to be easy to set up and use.

It comes with a user manual and can be set up in a few simple steps.

The control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the filters are easy to replace when needed.

Honeywell InSight HPA5300B: Final Verdict

All in all, yes, I’m very satisfied with the way Honeywell InSight HPA 5300B performed in cleaning my space.

Now, who would I recommend this fantastic air purifier to?

Honestly, anyone who wants improved air quality in their home, particularly those with allergies or living in areas prone to smoke or allergens.

You won’t be disappointed!

In conclusion, the Honeywell InSight HPA5300B made a significant difference in my life, and I believe it’s worth every penny.

If you value clean air and convenience, this air purifier might just be the best choice for you!

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