How Often to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter [Complete Guide]

If you’re a new owner of this brand, you’re probably wondering how often should you change a Levoit air purifier filter.

Let’s face it–buying an air purifier is one thing, but maintaining one is another story.

When I first bought my Levoit air purifier, I had no idea I had to change the filters, let alone how often I needed to do it.

That said, regularly changing your air purifier filter is essential to keep it functional for a long time.

And in this article, we’re closely examining the Levoit air purifier and how often to change the filter.

That way, you can keep your air purifier running great while ensuring the parts last you much longer.

Read on to learn more.

Why Do You Need to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter?

Few people know this, but you must regularly change your Levoit air purifier filters.

To understand why let’s look at how Levoit air purifiers work.

When you strip down all the features and fancy designs, a Levoit air purifier is a fan with a set of filters.

The fan draws unpurified air from the room and pushes it through the filters.

From there, the filters capture airborne particles like dust, pollen, mites, pollution, allergens, and other things that would otherwise end up in your lungs.

The more you use a Levoit air purifier, the more particles get trapped in the filter.

And over time, these filters will get clogged with all the particles they capture.

While some air purifier filters can be washed, the HEPA and carbon filters on a Levoit air purifier must be replaced occasionally.

Changing the filters in a Levoit air purifier allows the machine to function like it did when you first bought it.

That way, it can effectively cleanse the air as much as you need.

I suggest changing the filters occasionally if you have a Levoit air purifier at home.

But how often are you supposed to change a Levoit air purifier filter?

I’ll get to that in the next section, so keep reading.

how often to change a levoit air purifier filter

How Often to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter?

Ideally, cleaning your Levoit air purifier filters at least once a month would be best.

This dislodges a lot of the dust and debris caught inside and allows you to further stretch the life of your filters.

That said, Levoit still advises people to change their air purifier filters at least once every six months, even with regular cleaning.

And if you keep your air purifier on 24/7 (which I recommend you do), you might have to change it even earlier than that.

However, if you can’t change your filter for whatever reason, you can stretch the filter’s lifespan to around 8-10 months. This is the absolute maximum lifespan of Levoit air purifier filters.

Levoit installed a check filter indicator on most of their new models to make it easier for customers.

This means that whenever you see the indicator lighting up, it’s time for you to check, clean, or replace your filter.

Every Levoit air purifier has a different check filter indicator. However, most will shine a red light when you need to check the filters.

In some models, this indicator looks like a cylinder with two vertical lines inside.

However, other Levoit air purifiers have rectangular indicators with two horizontal lines inside.

Regardless of how the check filter light looks on your Levoit air purifier, you must check the filters whenever it’s on.

This light can go on even if it isn’t time to replace the filter if it detects clogged.

When this happens, clean the filter, reset the indicator, and you’re good.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter?

There are many ways to check if it’s time to change your Levoit air purifier filter.

And if you recently bought a Levoit model for yourself, it’s essential to know the signs that it’s time for a filter change.

That way, you can replace the filter whenever needed, keeping your air purifier working as smoothly as possible.

So, in this section, I’ll look at three different ways to tell that it’s time to check your filter.

And if you keep them in mind, rest assured that you’ll always know when it’s time to change or check your air purifier filter to keep it running effectively and efficiently.

The Air Purifier Isn’t Working as Well

One of the best indications that it’s time to change your filter is if your air purifier isn’t working as well as it used to.

This is how I knew it was time to do my first filter change on my new Levoit air purifier.

I bought my air purifier to handle my seasonal allergies. Levoit air purifiers can capture dust, mites, pollen, and other intense allergens.

And the second I turned my Levoit air purifier on, I felt it was working.

After around 10-15 minutes, the air purifier caught most of the particles that could cause allergies at home.

So, I stopped sneezing excessively and developing other typical symptoms of an allergic reaction.

However, after a few months, I noticed that my allergies were returning, even with allergy season far behind me.

This was because my Levoit air purifier wasn’t filtering the air as efficiently.

And the reason for this was a clogged and dirty filter.

So, I removed the filter, cleaned it, and put it back inside the air purifier.

Sadly, this wasn’t enough, as the filter was very clogged and needed to be replaced.

But once I changed the filter, the air purifier started working like it was new, and I no longer experienced allergies.

If the Filter Looks Excessively Dirty

It’s best to check on the filter at least once a month if you own a Levoit air purifier.

This was a significant mistake that I made with my first Levoit air purifier, and it’s one that you can easily avoid.

Try to make checking the filter part of your monthly to-do list, and whenever it looks dirty or clogged, give it a clearing.

However, if you check the filter and notice that it looks filthy and you can do nothing with a simple cleaning, it might be time to change your filter.

If the Check Filter Indicator Is On


The best way to determine if it’s time to change your filter is to look at the check filter light.

If the light is off, the filter is still fine, and you don’t have to worry about it.

However, if the light flashes red, you must open the air purifier and check the filter.

From there, you can determine whether it’s time for a replacement.

If you don’t need to change the filter quite yet, you need to reset the check filter indicator. 

Hold the filter reset button for three seconds to reset the check filter indicator.

If holding it for three seconds doesn’t work, you can hold it for a bit longer, up to five seconds.

You must turn the air purifier off for some models to reset the filter.

If the technique above didn’t work, try doing the same thing with the air purifier turned off but still plugged into the wall.

How Do You Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter?

Changing a Levoit air purifier filter looks different depending on the model you have.

To give you a better idea of how to change the filter, let’s look at the steps to changing the filter on one of their most popular models, the Core 300s.

Follow the steps below to change the filter on the Levoit Core 300s:

● Unplug the air purifier and twist the cover counterclockwise to remove it

● Take out the HEPA filter and vacuum up the air purifier’s interior to clean it further

● Open the new filter and place it inside the air purifier

● Place the cover back on top of the air purifier and twist it until you hear a click

● Turn on the air purifier and hold the sleep button for three seconds to reset the check filter indicator

Replacing the filter is the same on all Levoit core models, inducing the Core 400 and 600.

However, since these air purifiers are a bit bigger, you may have to lay them on their side to effectively change the filter.

To stay safe, look at your Levoit air purifier’s user manual and read the exact steps to changing the filter.

Again, the process may look different depending on the exact type of air purifier you have.

If you want to avoid accidentally damaging the machine, I recommend looking up the exact instructions from the manufacturer.

Tips for Maintaining Your Levoit Air Purifier

You risk damaging the machine, causing it not to work as effectively as you originally bought it if you don’t maintain your Levoit air purifier properly.

This is why paying close attention to maintenance is very important when you own a Levoit air purifier.

Maintenance looks different for every Levoit air purifier.

However, here are some crucial tips to keep in mind so that you ensure that you’re maintaining your Levoit air purifier properly:

● Only use legitimate Levoit replacement filters

● Check the filters and clean the interior of the air purifier at least once a month

● Pay attention to the check filter indicator

● Avoid keeping the air purifier at its highest speed for long periods

● Always clean the pre-filter

● Clean the exterior every few months

● Leave the air purifier on automatic mode (if available)


FAQs on How Often to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter

How Long Do Levoit Air Filters Last?

Generally, Levoit air purifiers last between 6-8 months. However, to be sure, always check your filters and look at the check filter indicator, as this is a better way to gauge the filter’s lifespan.

Can You Clean a Levoit Air Purifier?

Yes, you clean the interior and exterior of a Levoit air purifier. However, these air purifiers don’t have washable HEPA filters, so you need to replace them if the filter gets clogged or dirty.

How Do You Know When to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter?

To change a Levoit air purifier filter, you need to open it up, remove the old filter, clean the interior, install the new filter, then reset the check filter light. The exact way to do this varies depending on your model, so always refer to the user manual.

How Often to Change a Levoit Air Purifier Filter – Conclusion

It’s important to regularly change your Levoit air purifier filters if you want the machine to run as smoothly as possible.

You should change the HEPA filters on your Levoit air purifier at least once every six months and even earlier if your air purifier is always on.

If you do this, rest assured that your air purifier will work much better for longer.

But before replacing your filter, ensure you have a genuine replacement filter and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid accidentally damaging your machine.

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