How to Clean a Clarifion Air Purifier [In-Depth Guide]

Wondering how to clean a Clarifion air purifier? This article got you covered.

If you’ve been looking to keep the air in your home as clean as possible, there’s a high chance you have an air purifier at home.

And if you bought a Clarifion air purifier for yourself, you’ve probably been enjoying crisp, clean air from the second you turned it on.

That said, if it’s been a while since you first got your Clarifion air purifier, it’s probably about time to clean it.

So, how do you clean a Clarifion air purifier?

While it sounds like a complicated task, it’s actually pretty simple.

And today, we’re explaining every step to clean a Clarifion air purifier and every other step you need to learn about maintaining and cleaning this appliance.

Read on to learn more.

Clarifion – DSTx Portable Air Purifier

What Is the Clarifion Air Purifier?

Before cleaning a Clarifion air purifier, let’s talk about what these air purifiers are.

The signature feature of these air purifiers is that they are ionizers.

There are multiple Clarifion air purifiers on the market. 

Still, the unifying characteristic is that they all release negatively charged ions into the air, which bond with dust and other particles, causing them to fall to the ground.

The most basic Clarifion air purifier is solely an ionizer.

However, the larger models are ionizers using HEPA filtration and other technologies to purify the air.

And because these air purifiers are unique, you must approach maintenance and clean them differently than other purifiers.

But don’t worry – we’ll discuss the details in the next section.

How to Clean a Clarifion Air Purifier

If you notice your Clarifion air purifier isn’t working correctly or if it’s been a few months since you first bought it, there’s a high chance it’s time to clean it.

Before cleaning your air purifier, regardless of the brand or model, it’s important to look at the user manual to learn the best way to clean your specific model.

This guide focuses on the Clarifion DSTx, one of the brand’s mid-range models.

This is the most common Clarifion air purifier on the market, so we’re explaining how to clean this specific model in this guide.

But again, to be safe, always refer to the user manual before cleaning your air purifier.

STEP #1: Gather the Materials

Cleaning your Clarifion air purifier is very important.

Good thing it doesn’t require many tools, making maintenance much more straightforward.

To start, you must ensure you have all the necessary tools.

You will need the following materials:

  • cleaning cloth
  • waterless hand sanitizer
  • dry cloth
  • vacuum cleaner

STEP #2: Clean the Exterior

Once you’ve gathered all your tools, you can start cleaning the air purifier.

Whenever you clean a home appliance, it’s best to start with the exterior and work your way in, which is what we’re doing with this particular air purifier.

To do this, you will have to unplug your air purifier.

And remember, air purifiers are electronic appliances; you should never clean electronic devices with water.

This is why we recommend wiping the exterior of your Clarifion air purifier with a clean and dry cloth.

If dirt is giving you a hard time and not going away, you could dampen the cloth, but use as little water as possible.

Make sure to get as much dirt as possible when cleaning the outside of the air purifier, which should be easy, considering that Clarifion air purifiers are primarily white.

STEP #3: Remove the Filter Cover

The next step is cleaning the interior of the air purifier.

To do this, you’ll need to remove the filter cover.

Press the HEPA filter slowly until you hear a click, which shows you that you’ve opened the air purifier.

From there, you can pull off the lid and look at the inside of the air purifier.

For an easier time, we also recommend removing the HEPA filter, which gives you a clearer view of the lining.

And to be safe, you should wear a facemask to avoid inhaling harmful particles and compounds.

STEP #4: Remove the Dust

Once you can see the inside of the air purifier, it’s time to remove all the dust caught inside.

Don’t use water for this; you don’t want to risk ruining the electronics.

Instead, you can use a vacuum clear or a brush to remove as much dust as possible.

Try to be gentle when cleaning the interior of your air purifier to avoid damaging any interior components.


STEP #5: Clean the Foam Pads

Clarifion air purifiers have foam pads next to HEPA filters that require regular cleaning.

To clean the foam pads, it’s best to use a damp cloth.

Instead of dampening the cloth with water, use waterless hand sanitizer, so you don’t accidentally damage the air purifier.

And before putting everything back in, ensure all the components are completely dry to stay as safe as possible.

STEP #6: Replace the Filter

You won’t have to do this whenever you clean the air purifier. 

Still, changing the HEPA filter in a Clarifion air purifier is recommended every 10-12 months, depending on how dirty it is.

To do this, follow the instructions in the user manual or on the packaging as closely as possible.

That way, you can ensure that your air purifier will work just as fine the next time you plug it in!

FAQs on How to Clean a Clarifion Air Purifier

Do I Need to Clean a Clarifion Air Purifier?

Yes, cleaning your Clarifion air purifier is essential to keep it working correctly. 

You should clean the air purifier in your home every 6-8 weeks and replace the filters as necessary.

How Often Should You Replace Clarifion Filter?

Clarifion air purifiers use HEPA filters. 

Replacing these filters every 10-12 months is best, but you may need to change them sooner, depending on your air quality at home.

How Do You Clean an Air Ionizer?

Cleaning an air ionizer depends on the device itself.

If your air ionizer has a fan, you must clean the metal sheets inside that trap dust and other particles. 

If your air ionizer has no fan, it doesn’t require the same cleaning regimen.

How to Clean a Clarifion Air Purifier – Final Thoughts

If you want your Clarifion air purifier to work smoothly, you must clean it regularly.

Luckily, cleaning these air purifiers isn’t that hard.

You only need a dry cloth, a brush, a vacuum cleaner, and waterless hand sanitizer.

Once you have all those tools, you can quickly clean your air purifier and get it in the best possible condition!

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