We Reviewed the IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier

I really enjoy air purifiers, and that is no understatement. So, when IKEA announced their new Starkvind smart air purifier, I was obviously very excited. To start, I saw the incredibly unique design of the Starkvind and knew that it was something I had to test.

After all, in the world of air purifiers, you rarely come across anything this unique and out of the box.

So, now that I’ve tried it out myself, you may be wondering what I thought of the air purifier. Well this is my official IKEA Starkvind review and to be honest, I barely had any complaints.

Of course, since I consider myself an air purifier enthusiast, there were some slight issues I had with the purifier, but nothing too major that caused me to dislike the model.

But this probably wasn’t the answer you’re looking for. If you’re in need of a deep dive into the new IKEA smart air purifier, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be talking about my experience with the Starkvind, my thoughts on the model, and whether or not I think it’s a good air purifier.

What Is the Starkvind Air Purifier?

While there are tons of air purifiers on the market nowadays, they all share the same relative design: a rectangular tower with a motor and a series of filters for the air. Take note that I’m not criticizing these air purifiers, as these are the ones I have at home.

However, seeing the Starkvind is a nice change of pace. This is far from your traditional air purifier. Not only does it have a multifunctional design, but it’s also a smart air purifier built for modern households. 

And before we get into the performance and other features of this air purifier, I need to tell you exactly what it is first. To be honest, I had a pretty hard time doing this as the Starkvind is truly unique and unlike any other in the market.

But here’s my best shot at describing the unique air purifier that is the Starkvind.

An Air Purifier and a Coffee Table

My biggest problem when I bought my first air purifier was where to put it in my room. This bulky device didn’t have the most modern design and honestly didn’t match the motif I had going in my room. But since I wanted clean air in the room, I made all the changes necessary to find the right spot for my purifier.

But with this IKEA smart device, you don’t need to struggle to find a nice spot for it. This is because the air purifier doesn’t look like your traditional model. Instead, it has four legs and a table on top, so it functions as a coffee table as well.

This makes it much easier to find the right placement for the air purifier and keep the same energy that you’re aiming for in your room. On top of that, the air purifier itself isn’t bad and can definitely do the job, but we’ll get into those details later.

For now, just understand that the Starkvind is both a coffee table and an air purifier, which is one of the main reasons it’s different from any other model on the market.

A Smart Device

Another standout feature of the Starkvind is its smart capabilities.

Like many other smart IKEA furniture, it can integrate with Alexa and GoogleHome, and even has a standalone app that gives you a lot of control over the entire device.

While this isn’t exactly innovative, I found it very fitting for such a modern air purifier that I had to give it a special section.

The IKEA Starkvind Smart Air Purifier: A Closer Look

Okay, so now that you know what the Starkvind is, you may be wondering whether it works well.

When I tested this device out myself, I barely had any complaints. IKEA is known for its straight-to-the-point products, and this model is no exception.

While it is unique, it really only does the job that it sets out to do: which is clean the air. You don’t get that many extra bells and whistles with this device, which I found to be a welcome change compared to all the other “showy” features you can find on other modern air purifiers.

So, what’s it like using this IKEA Starkvind at home?

Well, I’m here to describe just that. Here are some of the key features of the device and how I found they affected the air purifier’s performance overall.


I had a hard time getting over the design of this model. If you aren’t a fan of the coffee table, don’t worry, there’s a standalone air purifier version as well. However, I find that if you don’t get the coffee table variety, you miss out on some of the best parts of this air purifier.

As I mentioned earlier, this air purifier has an incredible design. Combining a coffee table and air purifier is something I would have never thought of myself, but I’m very glad IKEA did it for me.

With this air purifier, you won’t have a hard time finding the right spot for it. On top of that, you can also put decorations or other things on top of it, which allows the device to serve multiple purposes.


As an air purifier, this model does a pretty good job. My one qualm with it is that it doesn’t have a TRUE HEPA filter, but the particle filter still performs pretty well, but it definitely falls a bit short of a True HEPA filter.

With that said, it did a great job at absorbing odors and maintaining good air quality at home. On top of that, the app is very simple and streamlined. So, accessing the smart features was a breeze, which allowed me to really make the most out of the air purifier when conducting the tests.

Conclusion – Is It a Good Air Purifier?

Do I think this is a good air purifier? Definitely.

It has an innovative design and decent features that allow you to maintain decent air quality at home.

It also has a bunch of smart features that can make things even easier for you. With that said, the air purifier doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other models and doesn’t have a True HEPA filter.

But if these things don’t bug you, then you’re getting a simple, stylish, and effective air purifier.

I think it’s a great device at the price point and is a great way to improve your home air quality without sacrificing your interior design motifs.