Red Light on My Levoit Air Purifier: Meaning

I’ve owned the Levoit 300S for over 4+ years, and I’ve never had any problems with it.

It made a difference in my life as I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies as I did before owning it.

However, about 10 months into owning it, a red light started to flash, quickly worrying me.

The last thing I wanted was for my air purifier to have broken or not to operate properly.

I needed clarification about what this red light meant, especially since it seemed like my air purifier was working like it usually does.

That’s when I started asking around in my friend group and going as far as speaking to strangers on the internet about it.

Now that I know what the red light on my Levoit air purifier means, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it in this article.

What Does the Red Light on My Levoit Air Purifier Mean?

If you see the red light on your Levoit air purifier blinking after a couple of months, it’s no reason to panic.

The red light on most Levoit air purifiers indicates that it’s time to check on the filtration system.

This means that the filter can stay the same.

It could be because the filter is starting to clog up, or it may have been misplaced.

Whatever the case, checking out the filter as soon as the red light blinks is essential.

This is important because all Levoit air purifiers rely on their filters to clean the air.

Most Levoit air purifiers have a pre-filter, HEPA, and carbon filter.

These are all designed for different tasks, but they all work together to clean the air.

That said, the filters can get clogged after some time and require cleaning or replacing.

When the filters are clogged, it affects the air purifier’s ability to capture particles, resulting in poorly purified air.

This is why the red light on Levoit air purifiers usually turns on after a couple of months or years of use.

That said, the lifespan of the filters on your air purifier depends on several factors.

Some people might get the light flashing after 6 months, while others can get it after 18 months.

To start, if you have poor air quality at home, this could lead to the filters capturing more particles, so they will wear out sooner.

Additionally, you always keep the air purifier on 24/7 (which I highly recommend).

In that case, you will need to change or clean the filters more often.

But what are you supposed to do when the red light on your Levoit air purifier starts blinking?

As I said earlier, you shouldn’t panic when this happens, as you can quickly correct the issue in a few minutes.

What to Do If There’s a Red Light Blinking on Your Levoit Air Purifier

Suppose you own a Levoit air purifier and use it regularly. 

In that case, the red light will definitely start blinking after a while.

This red light is designed to remind the owner to check the filter and clean or replace it as it’s starting to clog up.

When my air purifier started blinking, I began to panic a little.

But when I went online to look for help, I found the solution was straightforward.

So, here’s what you need to do if you notice the red light on your Levoit air purifier is blinking.

Check the Filter

The red light on your air purifier is a check filter light that reminds owners to look at their filters from time to time.

So, if you notice that the red light is blinking, you first need to check the filter.

From there, you can assess if it’s time for a cleaning or replacement.

Remember, the pre-filter is the only filter you can clean on most Levoit air purifiers like the Core 300s.

Unlike other air purifiers, Levoit models don’t have washable HEPA filters.

So if you notice that the HEPA or carbon filter is used up, you will have to replace it.

Once you’re done checking the filter, you can either put it back in if it’s still clean, clean the pre-filter if necessary, or replace the HEPA and carbon filters if they’re used up.

In the following sections, I’ll explain how you can do all of those things.

Cleaning the Filter

If it’s your first time seeing the red light on your Levoit air purifier blinking, you probably won’t need to change the filters.

The first thing you need to do is clean the pre-filter.

To do this, you need to clear the room and wear a mask since you’re at risk of inhaling dust when cleaning the filter.

The only thing you need to clean the pre-filter on your Levoit air purifier is a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

From there, vacuum up the dust and other particles you see on the filter until all of it is removed.

Once finished, put the filter back in, and your air purifier should usually work.

This also means that the red light that was bothering you should now be gone.

If it’s been 6-8 months since you first started using the air purifier, you might need to replace the filters.

Replace the Filter (If Needed)

After some time, you will have to replace your air purifier’s HEPA and activated carbon filter.

What I like about Levoit air purifiers is how easy the filters are to replace.

They often come pre-packaged, and all you have to do is pop the new filter instead of the old one.

Changing the filters on a Levoit air purifier may also vary depending on your model.

This is why it’s best to refer to the manual before changing the filters to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

There are also plenty of videos on platforms like YouTube where people show you how to change the filter on your particular model.

Reset the Indicator

After changing the filter or cleaning it, you have to reset the indicator to ensure that the light stays off until it’s time to recheck the filter in the future.

To do this, you must hold the button until the red light turns on.

When the light turns on, please press the button for another three seconds until it turns off.

Once the light is off, the indicator has been reset, and you can return to using the air purifier.

Note that every air purifier has a slightly different design, so check the manual for further instructions on your specific model.


Seeing a red light on your Levoit air purifier can be concerning, but there’s no reason to panic.

All this means is that the air purifier’s filters need to be checked, which you can accomplish in just a few minutes.

If you see that the pre-filter is dirty, you can vacuum it up to clean it.

And suppose it’s been between 6-8 months of using the air purifier.

In that case, you will have to replace the filters to ensure the air purifier is working properly.

Once you do that, you must reset the indicator, and your air purifier should work just as well as it did when you first bought it.