Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier: Expert Review & Guide

The Levoit Vital 100 is a budget-friendly air purifier that boasts a classic console design concept, offering an all-around contender for your air purifying needs.

Even though it shares similarities with the previous Levoit Core 300, you might wonder what sets this device apart and if it’s worth considering over other air purifiers on the market.

In this article, you’ll find an in-depth review of the Levoit Vital 100 to help you understand its features, capabilities, and what makes it stand out.

As you explore, you’ll also learn about the updated Levoit Core 300S and Levoit Vital 200S, which bring enhanced performance and smart features to their respective models, allowing you to make an informed decision for your home’s air quality needs.

Remember, keeping the air in your home fresh and clean is essential for your health and well-being.

Ensure you choose the right air purifier to suit your requirements and enjoy the benefits of improved air quality in your living spaces.

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Levoit Vital 100 Key Features

Fan Speeds

The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier has three fan speeds: low, medium, and high.

This feature allows you to adjust the purifier to suit your needs and the size of the room.

This air purifier can efficiently cover a room size of up to 167 square feet.

True HEPA Filter

Equipped with an H13 True HEPA filter, the Vital 100 captures at least 99.97% of 0.3-micron airborne particles.

It’s an effective way to eliminate pollutants, including VOCs, formaldehyde, and ammonia, from your indoor air.


To save energy and maintain a clean environment, the Levoit Vital 100 features a built-in timer.

You can easily set the timer for one, two, four, or eight hours, allowing the air purifier to operate for a specific duration before automatically shutting off.

Auto Mode

Auto mode adjusts the fan speed according to the current air quality in your room.

This smart feature ensures that your air purifier works as efficiently as possible, maintaining a healthy environment without any additional effort on your part.

Display Off

For those who prefer a distraction-free environment, the Vital 100 offers a display-off feature. By turning off the display lights, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet space without excess light.

Filter Replacement

Maintaining the efficiency of your air purifier is crucial.

The Vital 100 has a washable pre-filter that captures large particles such as dust, pet fur, and lint.

The washable pre-filter helps extend the lifespan of the filtration system, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Check Filter Indicator

Levoit Vital 100 filtration system

The check filter indicator on the Vital 100 reminds you to replace or clean the filters when necessary.

This feature ensures that your air purifier operates optimally and that the air quality in your home remains fresh and clean.

Air Quality

The Levoit Vital 100S model also comes with real-time air quality monitoring.

This feature allows you to keep track of the air quality in your room, making it easier to determine when your air purifier needs adjusting or the filters require replacement.

Levoit Vital 100 Performance Review

CADR Rating

The Levoit Vital 100’s CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is an essential factor to consider when evaluating its performance.

This air purifier reportedly has a solid CADR rating, which reflects its ability to effectively filter out smoke, dust, and pollen in the air 1.

Removing Particles and Allergens

Equipped with a True HEPA filter, the Levoit Vital 100 efficiently removes particles and allergens, such as pet dander and pollen, from the air.

The pre-filter, which captures larger debris, adds to the overall effectiveness of this air purifier.

Eliminating Odors and Fumes

In addition to capturing particles and allergens, the Levoit Vital 100 also helps eliminate odors and fumes thanks to its activated carbon filter.

This layer is essential for reducing smells, such as those from cooking or smoking, and ensures cleaner and fresher air for you and your family.

Purifying Air in Different Room Sizes

The Levoit Vital 100 is designed for rooms up to 300 sq. ft., making it suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or even offices.

Levoit Vital 100 Room Coverage

Although it might not be ideal for large rooms or open-concept spaces, its compact size and portability allow you to easily move it to target specific areas that require air purification.

Operating Costs

Operating costs for the Levoit Vital 100 are reasonable, thanks to its energy efficiency.

However, keep in mind that the filters need regular replacements to maintain optimal efficiency.

The 2-year warranty provided with the air purifier helps ensure any potential issues are promptly addressed.

Levoit Vital 100 Pros and Cons


  1. The Levoit Vital 100 is designed for rooms up to 300 sq. ft, making it suitable for small to medium-sized spaces in your home or office.
  2. This air purifier features a 3-in-1 True HEPA rectangular filter that effectively captures dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne particles, ensuring cleaner and fresher air.
  3. One of the major advantages of the Vital 100 is its quiet operation, so you won’t be disturbed by excessive noise while it’s doing its job.
  4. It comes with a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind if you encounter any issues with your device.


  1. The Levoit Vital 100 lacks a Smart Sensor, which could provide real-time air quality monitoring and automatically adjust fan speed based on the current level of pollutants.
  2. Although this model is marketed as a compact air purifier, some users might find its rectangular shape to be less aesthetically pleasing compared to other sleeker designs available on the market.

Overall, the Levoit Vital 100 has several benefits, including effective filtration and quiet operation.

However, the lack of a smart sensor might be a drawback for some users looking for more advanced features.

Levoit Vital 100 Price and Warranty

Product Price

The Levoit Vital 100 True HEPA Air Purifier has a friendly price tag of $119.99, which provides you with an efficient and budget-friendly option for improving your home’s air quality.

When investing in this product, you have the option to choose between the Vital 100 and the Vital 100 Plus, which includes an extra filter for additional convenience.

Warranty and Protection Plan

Levoit Vital 100 Whisper Quiet

Levoit offers a solid protection plan for your purchase with a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To claim your limited warranty service, follow five simple steps:

  1. Ensure your product is within the specified warranty period.
  2. Have a copy of the invoice and order ID or proof of purchase.
  3. Keep your product, and do not dispose of it before contacting the support team.
  4. Contact Levoit’s customer support team via [email protected].

In addition to the warranty, your Levoit Vital 100 air purifier can also be returned for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt if you purchase it from Amazon.com.

This additional layer of protection instills confidence in your purchase decision, knowing that you have options if the product does not meet your expectations or if any issues arise.

Levoit Vital 100: Our Verdict

The Levoit Vital 100 is a budget-friendly compact HEPA air purifier that efficiently covers an area of up to 500 square feet.

In air purification tests, it has reduced harmful particles, making it a great choice for improving air quality.

You might find that although the Vital 100 lacks advanced features like smartphone control, auto mode, and sleep mode, its excellent purification performance compensates for those shortcomings.

This air purifier is particularly appealing given its affordable price point.

Users have praised the Levoit Vital 100 for its effectiveness and ease of use in their homes and offices.

Its sleek design is appealing without compromising on performance.

Moreover, since it doesn’t produce ozone, you can trust that this air purifier is safe for you and your family.

The Levoit Vital 100 is a solid-value air purifier that effectively cleans the air in your space while being friendly to your wallet.

Give it a try and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher air in your home or office.

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