3 Best Heater Air Purifier Combos

3 Best Heater Air Purifier Combos

One of the reasons I was hesitant about buying an air purifier was that it was such a specific appliance. 

Most of the air purifiers on the market clean the air and nothing more. 

And while breathing particle and pollutant-free air is always great and offers many benefits, it simply wasn’t enough to buy one for me.

But then I discovered that air purifier and heater combo. 

Having a heater and air purifier was something that I had never heard of before. So when I did, I finally invested in an air purifier.

A combination air purifier like this could clean the air in my indoor space and keep me warm when the temperatures drop. 

And since my city is known for being reasonably cold year-round, this was an easy choice.

I was surprised by the sheer number of options on the market today. I was glad to have different choices when shopping, but I must admit it made it hard to choose the right one. 

But after a lot of research and asking for advice, I finally found one that suited my needs.

Buying an air purifier and heater combo doesn’t have to be that hard, though. 

That’s why I made this list of three of the best models on the market based on my research. 

I’ve also added a section on how to find the best air purifier and heater combo to make it even easier for you to pick one from the list.

So, if you’re looking for an air purifier that can also heat the room, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s examine what air purifiers can keep you warm during winter while cleaning the air around you.

Dyson HP02 – The Best Overall Pick

I’ll start with my favorite option after all my research. 

The Dyson HP02 is the model I bought for my home, and there were many reasons I did so. 

First, this air purifier has a unique design. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another air purifier with a similar design unless you look at the rest of the Dyson catalog, which is a huge plus.

On top of that, this model can cool and heat the air. 

To start, it’s a bladeless fan, which has become a well-known Dyson feature for a while now, so it was nice to have one at home finally. 

Additionally, it has an intelligent heating system to detect the temperature and adjust the settings accordingly to give you the most comfortable atmosphere possible.

But the heating system isn’t the only innovative feature. It’s a comprehensive smart device. 

So, all you have to do is turn it on, which will heat, cool, and purify the air. Making Dyson one of the most convenient air purifier and heater combos.

And don’t worry; Dyson didn’t skimp when creating the filtration system either. 

This model features a true HEPA filter and an advanced filtration system to eliminate allergens, pollution, and even smoke and foul odors in whatever room you place it.

The downside with this model is that it’s pretty expensive. 

I was ready to invest in a top-quality model for my home and saved up some money to afford this. 

So, while it isn’t the best budget-friendly option, rest assured that you get your money’s worth from this model.


  • Fully-intelligent heating, cooling, and purifying system
  • Great filtration system
  • Very easy to use
  • It has both heating and cooling functions
  • Fairly efficient


  • Relatively expensive

Envion 4 Season FS200 – The Best Pick on a Budget

This model proves that you don’t have to bust the bank for a high-quality air purifier. 

The Envion 4-Season FS200 is a very affordable air purifier that comes with a range of different functions. 

On top of purifying the air, this model can also heat, cool, and add humidity to the air.

So, for a reasonably affordable price, you get a multi-functional appliance that you can use year-round.

Even if it’s an affordable option, it comes with an excellent filtration system. 

I was surprised to learn that this came with a true HEPA filter because it’s typically only available for the more expensive options. 

So, for this feature alone, it beats out many others in its price range.

But since this is a budget-friendly model, you can expect some features to reflect the price. 

For example, it has a plastic build, which can sometimes feel flimsy. 

Additionally, it lacks some sophisticated touchpads and smart controls available on other air purifiers and heater combos.

While it has flaws, this model is more than capable of doing the job. For its price, it offers a lot of functionality. 

So, this could be your pick if you’re on a tight budget but still want a top-quality air purifier and heater combo.


  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • It comes with a true HEPA filter
  • Can heat, cool, and humidify the air
  • Built-in tip-over sensors


  • Doesn’t have the best build quality

Dyson HP04 – The Best Premium Pick

While the Dyson option I chose for myself was already pretty expensive, this model is the one that’s considered top-of-the-line. 

It’s the most costly Dyson air purifier and heater combo on the market, but even with the high price tag, it’s well worth it.

The device comes with many of the same features as the HP02. 

So, you can expect smart controls, an excellent filtration system, and heating and cooling abilities.

On top of that, this appliance uses a ceramic heating system. Making it exceptionally efficient and more compact, despite having a lot of power.

The main difference between this and other Dyson models on the market is that it’s larger. 

I got the HP02 because it perfectly fits my medium-sized room and office. 

Since it is smaller, I could quickly move it between the different areas. 

However, this is the better pick for you if you have a larger space like a living room or dining area that you want to heat, cool, and purify.

Of course, since it’s larger, it’s more expensive than the other models on this list.

But even if it was pricey, I chose to include it because it works well. 

Plus, this air purifier and heater combo are well worth the investment if you have a larger space.


  • Very easy to use
  • It comes with a lot of premium features
  • Ideal for larger spaces
  • Uses a ceramic heating system
  • Smart controls


  • The most expensive model on the list

Are Air Purifiers with Heaters Effective?

An air purifier and heater combo can be great if you find a suitable model. 

Even if you remove the smog and man-made pollution, there’s still dust and pollen floating around, which can enter our lungs and cause some trouble.

So, having an air purifier is almost a must nowadays, especially if you have allergies, as I do. 

Since air purifiers can capture particles and allergens, they can significantly reduce allergic reactions, even when there’s a lot of pollen floating around.

That said, if you also get cold quickly, cleaning the air isn’t enough to merit you buying another appliance for your home. 

That’s why if you live in a cold area or just like staying in warm rooms, having an air purifier and heater combo could be just what you need.

However, remember to find a suitable model when shopping for a combo appliance like this one. If you don’t, it will be a complete waste of money and time. 

Many manufacturers make sub-par air purifiers and heating systems and combine them to make a profit. 

It’s best to avoid these manufacturers if you want a practical and functional air purifier and heater combo.

And don’t worry; I have an entire section later on dedicated to helping you find the best air purifier and heater combo for your needs.

Is There a Downside to Air Purifier and Heater Combos?

The major downside to air purifier heater combos is those good ones are hard to find. 

Many manufacturers don’t give much care and attention to detail with their combo appliances, leading to sub-par performance.

But if you find the right option, you won’t have to deal with this problem.

Another issue people run into when using an air purifier and heater combo is that they can use up a fair amount of electricity. 

Air purifiers generally don’t use that much power. They are fans with a filter, so you should have no problem leaving the air purifier on for an extended period.

That said, heaters use up a bit more electricity. 

And since it’s best practice to leave the air purifier on 24/7, it’s easy to forget that the heater is on, which can cause your electricity bill to rise.

So, if you buy one of these appliances, I recommend only turning on the heater function when needed.

Otherwise, you might use more power than usual and have to pay a higher electricity bill at the end of the month.

Finding the Best Air Purifier + Heater Combo

As I mentioned, if you want to get the most out of your air purifier with a heater, you need to buy a suitable model. 

There are tons of options on the market today, but after tons of research, I found that there are more than a few you’d want to avoid.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which air purifiers are worth buying and which are better off left alone, you aren’t alone. 

To help you out, here are some significant factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier and heater that can help you narrow down your options.

Check the Heating System

The first thing to consider with these devices is the heating system. Most good air purifiers will have a heater placed near a fan. 

From there, the fan blows air past the heater, which causes warm air to circulate. 

These types of heaters are called fan heaters, and while they are very effective, they consume a fair amount of power, so they aren’t the most efficient option.

Another good option for the heating system is ceramic heating. 

Ceramic heating is present on some premium options like the Dyson HP04. 

This type of heater is much more efficient and compact. 

However, use them for smaller areas because they can’t heat large spaces well.

Look at the Filtration System

Another thing to consider when buying one of these appliances is the filtration system.

We recommend getting an air purifier with a multi-stage filtration system for the best results. 

A multi-stage filter system has at least two types of filters to capture particles and clean the air.

Ideally, you want at least three stages of filtration. 

The first stage is through a washable pre-filter which captures larger particles floating around. 

From there, it should go through an activated carbon filter to absorb harmful gases and odors in the air. 

And before exiting the purifier, the air must go through a true HEPA filter, which is necessary if you want to capture fine particles that can get in your lungs and cause trouble.

With HEPA filters, we recommend only getting models with a true HEPA filter with at least an H12 rating. 

That way, you can rest assured that the filter can capture all the particles floating around the room and causing issues.

Get the Right Size

The thing about air purifiers is that they aren’t one-size-fits-all. 

Unfortunately, manufacturers design most air purifiers to only handle a specific room size or range of sizes. 

So, you might get an air purifier that isn’t strong enough, which can lead to many problems. 

That’s why we recommend measuring your room before getting an air purifier to make it easier to find the best option for your needs.

Avoid Ionizers

Another crucial tip I can get is to avoid ionizers. Many air purifiers come with an ionizing feature. 

This process involves introducing negatively charged ions into the air that react with the particles floating around and cause them to fall to the floor. 

From there, you need to vacuum up the particles to keep them recirculating in the air.

While this could be a practical feature and serve as another type of filtration system, we recommend avoiding these air purifiers. 

The ionization process produces ozone, which is dangerous when inhaled. 

Best Heater Air Purifiers: Conclusion

It can be hard to find a good air purifier and heater combo. 

When I began my search, I had to check various sources to find recommendations. But with this list, you won’t have to do that anymore. 

And since I included a buying guide to help narrow your options, choosing a good air purifier will be much easier.

Once you find the right fit for your home, buying the air purifier yourself is the only thing left to do. 

And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying warmer and cleaner air in the comforts of your own home!