What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Air Purifier?

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Air Purifier?

After realizing that air purifiers actually clean the air, buying my first air purifier was probably the best investment I ever made. From dreading the allergy seasons, I now get to enjoy it to the fullest without suffering for days at a time.

That said, when I got my first air purifier, I didn’t know that you had to clean it.

So, after a few months, I noticed that my air purifier wasn’t working as well as it once did. And I thought the reason for this was because there was something wrong with the unit.

I asked my good friend for some advice (he’s owned air purifiers for years), and he asked me if I had cleaned it recently.

I said no and instantly knew it wasn’t the air purifier at fault but rather my lack of care for it.

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