The New Tesla Air Purifying Feature: Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla and Elon Musk never seem to surprise me. It seems like almost weekly, Musk or the Tesla company announces a new feature they plan on implementing or have already implemented in their new models.

Recently, the company talked about its new air-purifying and “bioweapon defense” feature. And if I’m being honest, the feature had me chuckling at first, but then it got me intrigued.

And I don’t think it would be a longshot to assume there are many people that are just as intrigued as me.

That’s why we’re going to take a close look at this new TESLA feature, understand why it’s important, and take a look at which models have these new features.

Let’s dive into it!

What is the Tesla Air Purifying Feature, and What Cars Have It?

As the name suggests, the feature is simply an air purifier built right into the car.

This feature is present in the Model Y from the 2020 models onwards and has been present on the Model X and the Model S for many years.

Basically, Tesla accomplishes this by installing HEPA filters, huge ones at that, into the car to ensure that the air inside the car is always clean.

These filters are highly sought-after in the air purifier industry as they are known to filter out even the smallest particles, which is a huge deal in this age.

Air pollution is at very high levels, especially in congested cities. So, having an air purifier allows you to breathe clean air even when in polluted areas, which is a huge plus.

What’s a HEPA Filter, and Why Is It Important?

A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is a mechanical filter that’s capable of capturing very fine particles.

These are made using intertwined fiberglass threads to create a complex web that can capture particles.

For a HEPA filter to qualify as a true HEPA filter, the device needs to meet certain requirements, and if they don’t, they aren’t classified as “TRUE HEPA” filters.

These are arguably the most efficient filters on the market. The reason tons of manufacturers try their best to install these filters in air purifiers is because they are the best at capturing the finest of particles like dust or pollen, not to mention smoke, which is why the HEPA filters in TESLA cars are such a big deal.

Why Put HEPA Filters in TESLA Cars?

There are tons of benefits that come with installing a HEPA filter into a car, which we’ll get into in this section. 

Reduce Pollution

The first benefit of HEPA filters in Tesla cars is reduced pollution.

Electric cars already produce much fewer emissions than standard petrol cars, which is one of the reasons tons of people are making the switch.

With that said, since most other people are on the road or in traditional automobiles, there’s a lot of pollution in the air, and true HEPA filters can filter that out before the air enters the car.

Remove Harmful Particles in the Air

Along with removing pollutants, HEPA filters can also capture fine particles like dust, pollen, and mites.

The benefit of this is mostly for people with allergies, as no dust and pollen in the air mean no allergies.

Additionally, dust can irritate the lungs even if you aren’t allergic, so it’s a huge plus that you won’t be inhaling any when in a TESLA car.

What Is TESLA’s Bioweapon Defense Mode?

The Bioweapon Defense mode in some Tesla cars is basically a very large HEPA filter that could protect individuals in the car against bio attacks.

The only difference between cars with bio-defense mode and other Tesla models in terms of the HEPA filter is the size.

Does the TESLA Air Purifying Filter Work?

Tesla put their bioweapon defense mode to the “test” by trying to push a bunch of smoke through the filters and air entryways of the car.

The HEPA filter was able to filter out all the smoke, and all that entered the car was clear and clean air, which is a great sign.

With that said, this isn’t a scientific test.

So while it looks good on cameras, it doesn’t give us any scientific data.

However, seeing that the car can filter out that much smoke is a great sign that the HEPA filter will do its job.

Conclusion: Do I Need an Air Purifier In The Car?

The Tesla air purifying feature isn’t a necessity, but when you’re paying that much for a car, you want certain luxuries.

In my opinion, the HEPA filter is a great feature and one that should be in more cars.

So, if you’re particular about the air quality in the car or have certain allergies, this feature could be the one you’ve been waiting for to make the switch to electric cars!

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