What Does the Coway Air Purifier Odor Light Mean?

What does the Coway Air Purifier Odor light mean, you ask? It’s actually pretty straightforward.

It means it needs your attention!

You probably know that maintaining your air purifier properly is necessary to receive its maximum benefits.

And part of maintaining your Coway air purifier is understanding the different lights, including the odor light, and what they mean. 

Read on to learn more about odor light, HEPA light, and air quality lights and how they all work together to keep your air purifier running smoothly.

What Does the Coway Air Purifier Odor Light Mean?

You will notice two small lights when you look at your Coway air purifier. 

One should be labeled “Odor,” and the other “HEPA.” 

Each is responsible for monitoring the condition of a different filter within the air purifier.

In addition to a HEPA filter, Coway air purifiers also contain a deodorizing filter. 

This filter helps pull odor out of the air that may be caused by contaminants floating around. 

This is great if you have pets or simply want an extra level of filtration.

Your Coway air purifier filters must be changed regularly to keep functioning optimally, including the deodorizing filter. 

In Coway air purifiers, the deodorizing filter is not reusable. It must be entirely replaced every couple of months once it becomes fully saturated.

When you notice your odor light has begun to flash, that means it is time to change out your deodorizing filter. 

The light will only begin to flash once the filter has become loaded with particles and the air is no longer passing through as efficiently.

HEPA Light

The HEPA light works the same way as the odor light. 

It will begin to flash once your HEPA filter has become saturated with particles and contaminants that it has pulled from the air. 

Once the HEPA light comes on, you will know it is time to change your filter.


How to Change Odor and HEPA Filter

Changing your deodorizing and HEPA filter is a similar process as they are located beside one another in your Coway air purifier. 

Coway air purifiers are also designed to be easy to use, so you will need no fancy tools to get this job done.

Before beginning to take apart your Coway air purifier, you will need to make sure it is not plugged in. 

If you leave your air purifier plugged in before removing the filter, you could be at risk of electric shock.

Step 1: Remove the Side Panel

The first step in changing your deodorizing filter is to remove the side panel. 

This is attached magnetically, and you should be able to remove it relatively 


Step 2: Remove Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is the one filter in Coway air purifiers that is reusable. 

This is because your pre-filter is only intended to catch large particles like pet air and dust that are easily removed by a simple wash or vacuum. 

After removing this filter, you will want to gently clean it using a vacuum or rinse it under running water to remove all of the particles.

Step 3: Remove Odor and HEPA Filter

After your pre-filter has been removed, you should be able to see your deodorizing filter. 

This filter has a small tab at the top, which you will use to pull out from the air purifier.

After you remove the deodorizing filter, you will see the HEPA filter, which you can also remove by pulling on the tab. 

Once you have removed both filters, you should throw them away. 

Neither the deodorizing nor the HEPA filter can be cleaned and reused. 

The particles that they absorb are too small to be removed through washing or vacuuming. 

Step 4: Replace Filters

Once all the filters have been removed and the pre-filter has been cleaned, it is time to replace the filters with new filter cartridges.

The first filter you should place in the air purifier is the HEPA filter. 

All you have to do is slide it into place; it should stay upright. 

After the HEPA filter, you will slide in the deodorizing filter. 

As long as you have correctly sized filters for your Coway air purifier model, they should stay in place once you slide them in.

After both inner filters are in place, you can then replace the pre-filter. This filter clicks into place and is the first filter in the air purifier system. 

Step 5: Replace the Side Panel

Once all the filters are in place, you can replace the side panel. 

The side panel is attached to the air purifier magnetically, so all you should do is put it in place, and it will stay. 

Step 6: Reset Cycle

The last step to changing your deodorizing and HEPA filters is to reset the cycle

This cycle monitors your filters and lets you know when they need to be changed again. 

If you don’t reset the cycle, the air purifier may think your filters are old and should be replaced early.

To reset the cycle, press the reset button and hold it down for at least three seconds.

Your air purifier should start working again once your filter has been reset.

Now, you’re all set until the next filter change!

Air Quality Light Color Meaning

In addition to the odor and HEPA filter lights, Coway air purifiers also have a light that monitors the air quality

This light will tell you the air quality in the room.

Then, based on that information, you can decide whether or not to turn your air purifier up to a higher setting. 

There are a few primary colors that you can see on your air quality light: blue, green, yellow, purple, and red.


Seeing a blue light is good news, especially when your air purifier has been running for several hours. 

This color means that the air in the room is mainly free of contaminants.


The next step down from blue is green. 

A green light means that the air is almost clean but has small amounts of pollution.


A yellow light means that your air contains moderate amounts of pollution. 

It’s up to you if you turn your air purifier up.


Purple means that your air is heavily polluted, and the machine needs to be turned up much more to clean the air.


The color you don’t want to see is red, which means that the air in your room is heavily polluted. 

In this case, you should definitely crank up your air purifier.

If you are still getting a red light after your Coway filter has been running for some time, you may need to change your filters. 

If you do that and it’s still not improving, your air filter may be too small for your room.


FAQs on What Does the Coway Air Purifier Odor Light Mean

Is it okay to use an air purifier at night?

Yes! Not only is it okay to use an air purifier at night, but it is also recommended. 

If you turn your air purifier off at night, you allow toxins to build up.

Nighttime is also when many people have their worst allergy symptoms. 

Keeping your air purifier running all night can prevent contaminants from building up in the air.

Can you wash Coway air filters?

The only filter that you can wash in a Coway air purifier is the pre-filter. 

This is the filter that works to catch hairs and other large particles from the air. 

It can be washed under running water or gently vacuumed to remove the contaminants. 

Other Coway air filters, like the HEPA and odor filters, cannot be washed and should be thrown away after a few weeks.

Can Coway air purifiers remove mold spores?

Yes, Coway air purifiers use high-quality HEPA filters that can remove mold spores from the air. 

This makes Coway air purifiers a great choice if your family is dealing with symptoms related to black mold exposure.

Remember, this is only a temporary solution, and mold in your home should be removed as soon as possible. 

What Does the Coway Air Purifier Odor Light Mean – Conclusion

For your Coway air purifier to be as effective as possible, it is important to replace the filters regularly. 

In the past, you had to keep track of when to change the filters on your own. 

However, with new technology, Coway air purifiers can monitor when you need to change the odor and HEPA filters. 

When the lights go off, you can tell when the filters need to be changed.

Once the lights go off, you must throw away the odor and HEPA filters and replace them with new ones. 

That way, your filter can keep functioning at optimal levels. 

And wash your pre-filter every time you replace the other filter cartridges too. This will help to prevent your filter from becoming clogged over time.

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