Complete 2023 Guide: Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning

Are you bothered about the Winix air purifier light meaning and how to fix it? Don’t worry–we got the answer!

Winix is arguably my favorite air purifier brand on the market.

These air purifiers are simple, but they do a great job of cleaning the air, which is why people buy them.

After a few months with my air purifier, I noticed the lights blinking differently.

This was when I realized I had no idea what the Winix air purifier light meaning was.

So, I went online to search for answers, hopped on different forums and messageboards, and even read the product manual.

And that’s when I learned all the meanings of the Winix air purifier lights.

Below, I’ll share everything I learned with you so you can avoid having the same trouble as I did.

Read on to learn more.


Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning: What are They?

The lights on your Winix air purifier may vary depending on the exact model you have.

However, most Winix air purifiers come with two lights: an air quality indicator and a change filter indicator.

These lights serve different purposes, and seeing them lit up will mean different things.

So, here’s the meaning of the Winix air purifier light so you no longer have to struggle.

Air Quality Indicator

One of my favorite features of the Winix air purifier is the air quality monitor.

This thin LED light on top of the air purifier can be blue, amber, or red.

This air purifier has sophisticated sensors specifically designed to detect particles in the air and gauge the room’s overall air quality.

Then, it uses different lights to indicate the air quality.

This is a handy feature as it gives you a relatively accurate estimate of the current air quality in the room.

That way, you can easily adjust the settings or the air purifier based on the air quality.

This indicator also works hand-in-hand with the air purifier’s automatic mode.

When you turn automatic mode one, the air purifier adjusts the fan speed and other settings based on the air quality.

With this mode turned on, you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the settings whenever the air quality is good or poor.

If you have a Winix air purifier at home, I recommend paying closer attention to this air quality indicator.

Aside from learning a lot about your air quality, it also shows you when to turn the air purifier on the high, medium, and low settings.

Change Filter Indicator

While Winix air purifiers are useful and intricate devices, the underlying principles behind these machines are pretty simple.

Basically, Winix air purifiers are just fans with filters built-in.

The fan sucks in the unpurified air in the room and pushes it through a series of filters.

With most Winix air purifiers, you get a HEPA filter and a carbon filter to clean and purify the air comprehensively.

That said, these filters aren’t made to last forever.

Generally, the HEPA filter should be changed every 10-12 months. The carbon filter requires changes every 3-6 months, depending on your overall air quality at home.

You aren’t supposed to constantly check on your filters, which is why many people are confused about when you’re supposed to change the filters on your Winix air purifier.

Determining the right time to change your Winix air purifier filters is easy because of the change filter indicator.

Aside from the air quality monitor, Winix air purifiers have another light built-in to tell you when it’s time to change the filters.

These lights usually turn on after a few months of use, and when you see them, it’s time to either check on the filters on your air purifier.

If it’s your first time using a Winix air purifier, changing the filters might initially feel confusing.

However, I have a guide below on changing the filters on your Winix air purifier.

So, keep reading to learn all the steps to changing your Winix air purifier filter.

Understanding the Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning

If it’s your first time using a Winix air purifier, figuring out the meaning of all the lights on the machine can be tricky.

However, once you understand the meaning of all the lights on your air quality indicator, things become much easier.

So, let’s take a quick look at the light on the Winix air quality indicator to understand what they mean.


If you see your air quality indicator shining a blue light, that’s a good sign.

On Winix air purifiers, blue lights mean that the air quality is excellent and you’re breathing in clean air.

Ideally, you always want the air quality indicator to be blue, showing that the room’s air is safe and clean.

Suppose the air purifier shows another color on the air quality indicator. In that case, it’s a sign that you can further improve the air quality in the room.

Additionally, if your Winix air purifier shows a blue light during the automatic mode, the air purifier will run at the lowest speed, saving you energy.


The next color on your Winix air purifier is amber.

An amber light indicates that the air quality in a room is fair.

This doesn’t mean that the air is dangerous or you’re breathing in many particles, but it does mean that the air purifier could work a bit harder.

There’s no real reason to worry when you see an amber light on a Winix air purifier. Still, it would be beneficial to kick up the power on your air purifier when you see this light.

If your air purifier is in automatic mode, it will work at medium or fast speeds when the amber light is on.


A red light on your air quality indicator means poor air quality.

This means you must turn the air purifier on its strongest setting to remove as many particles as possible.

When the air purifier is in automatic mode, the red light indicates it’s working at its highest speed to clean the air as quickly as possible.

How to Correct the Red Light on a Winix Air Purifier?

If the red light on your Winix air purifier doesn’t go away, you need to change the filter.

Changing the filter looks different for every Winix air purifier.

Generally, you should open up the air purifier, remove the old filter, and place a new one.

Make sure that you only buy Winix-brand replacement filters so that they will be compatible and optimized for your Winix air purifier.

That said, failing to change the air filter in your air purifier correctly can result in you accidentally damaging your air purifier.

So, for an easier time, read your air purifier’s user manual before changing the filters.

FAQs on Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning

How Do I Know When to Change My Winix Air Purifier Filter?

Most Winix air purifiers come with a check filter indicator light. 

These are placed in different areas of the machine. 

But whenever you see this blinking light, it’s a sign that you need to check on your air purifier and replace it if needed.

How Do You Reset a Winix Air Purifier?

To reset a Winix air purifier, hold the filter reset button on the machine for five seconds or until you hear a beep. 

When you hear a beep, the air purifier has been reset.

What Does a Blue Light on My Winix Air Purifier Mean?

A blue light on your Winix air purifier means that the air quality in the room is excellent. 

This shows that the air is safe to breathe in and you’re free from harmful particles and pollutants. 

Winix Air Purifier Light Meaning – Conclusion

Winix air purifiers have a fair amount of light; each color means something else.

Understanding the meaning of these lights is crucial in making the most out of your air purifier.

So, now that you know what the lights on your Winix air purifier mean, it will be much easier for you to maintain the air purifier and keep the air quality as good as possible.

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