Do Air Purifiers Make The Room Cold

I live in a pretty warm part of the country. This means that when the sun’s out, which is most days of the year, I’m constantly looking at ways to keep my small room nice and cool throughout the day.

On top of that, my city is also pretty polluted. And so, keeping the window open isn’t the best of ideas since I don’t want to breathe in the heavily polluted air all day long.

That’s why I thought of buying one of the best air purifiers for a small room like mine.

After all, these appliances will allow me to not think about the pollution as much when I keep my window open during the day.

However, this got me thinking that since air purifiers have fans, maybe they can cool down the room as well.

So, I started digging for more information on the internet and found that many people shared the same thoughts as me.

This is why many air purifier owners ask if air purifiers can actually make the room cold – just like an air conditioner can.

The answer to this is yes and no.

I did a lot of research to learn if I could cool down my room with an air purifier and kill two birds with one stone.

And I learned a whole lot when reading about what air purifiers can or can’t do.

Getting my hands on all this information was no easy task, and since it’s quite a popular question in the community, I thought it would be a great idea to share all of my knowledge with you on the topic.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Can An Air Purifier Actually Cool Down Your Room?

Before answering the question, I want you to know that air purifiers aren’t designed to cool down your room.

All air purifiers are intended to do is process the air within your room and filter it free from any allergens like pollen, mold spores, and other harmful particles you could easily find in the air.

And as a result, most air purifier manufacturers don’t consider making an air purifier to lower the room’s temperature because that’s not what the unit is originally intended to do.

With that being said, you might be thinking that the answer to your question is a straight-up no. And while you’re technically not wrong, you’re not right either.

To get to the bottom of this, let’s look at how air purifiers work in the first place.

These devices function by making use of a fan and a filtration system.

The air purifier uses the fan to suck in the air and push it through the filter. So, the air that comes out of the filter is particle and pollutant-free.

But how can this cool down a room?

Well, it’s because the air purifier aids in ensuring that the room’s airflow is good. While it won’t be able to cool down a room the same way as an air conditioner, it will be able to circulate the air a bit better – just like a normal fan could.

Granted, this won’t do that much good if you’re in a very warm climate, but it can make the right difference under the right circumstances.

With that said, I won’t recommend that you get an air purifier to cool down a room.

If you want to cool your room down, I recommend using an air conditioner. And don’t worry, you can still use your air purifier if you have an air conditioner.

So, does this mean that no air purifier can cool down a room and purify the air effectively?

Well, not exactly. Head on to the next section to learn about one of the best innovations in the air purifier industry in a long while.

Are There Air Purifiers Designed to Cool Down a Room?

While air purifiers have fans and can potentially cool down a room, most manufacturers haven’t focused much on this purpose. So most of the time, customers are stuck having to buy two separate appliances if they want a cold room and purified air.

But times are changing, and manufacturers are starting to step up.

Nowadays, you can find a fair amount of air purifiers designed to function as fans to cool down the room.

Again, they won’t do as good a job as an air conditioner, but they might be just what you need if you want a fan and air purifier combo.

One of the most popular air purifiers is the Dyson bladeless fan and air purifier.

When this first hit the market, it took the world by storm as it was something people had never seen before. And the beauty of this model was that it wasn’t just good-looking but also very functional.

With this air purifier, people could cool down their room while ensuring that the air circulating around their room was clean and pollution-free. This was a definite game changer and set the stage for other brands to make similar appliances.

That said, if you want to dramatically change the temperature within your room from warm to cold, you definitely need to invest in an air cooler or an air conditioner.

How To Set Up an Air Purifier to Cool Down Your Room

You might find it surprising, but a lot of people use their air purifiers wrong, especially when it comes to maximizing on using the air purifier for cooling down your room.

As we discussed above, you can’t actually do much to the temperature inside your room.

Still, you can make your surrounding area more comfortable without changing the temperature indoors.

And to do that, you need to set up your air purifier a certain way.

The only thing you can really do is set your air purifier to the highest setting to increase the fan speed.

This will force the fan to suck in more air and as a result, it will push out more air from the other end.

This will create an airflow, which could be just what you’ve needed.

With that being said, there are certain things you can do to cool down your room without an air conditioner, which I will discuss below.

How to Cool Down a Room Without an Air Conditioner

In my experience, using an air conditioner is the best way to cool down a room.

However, not everyone can afford to have one of these appliances installed in their home.

So, let’s assume for a second that you can’t afford an air conditioner on top of your air purifier, and all you’ve got to work with is the air purifier unit that you currently have.

Thankfully, you’re not the only person in this position.

I made it work all those years ago thanks to a ton of helpful tips I read on forums over some weeks and months back in the day. And now, I think it’s an appropriate time to share them with you.

Airflow Is Key

My first recommendation is to pay close attention to the airflow in your room.

Regardless of the temperature in your room, when there is a decent level of airflow, your room will naturally feel cooler than it actually is.

You can generate a decent airflow in one of two ways – either using a fan (or the fan of your air purifier) or keeping your windows open.

If you’re like me, someone who lives in a busy city where the air quality isn’t so great, keeping your windows open all the time isn’t ideal, especially if you want to breathe in clean and purified air.

And as a result of that, I personally tend to go for the second opinion – using my air purifier as a fan to generate airflow, and I recommend you to do the same.

Use Fans

Fans are pretty inexpensive these days, so if you’ve got one or can afford to buy one, make the most out of it. Like I said above, your room will feel much cooler when airflow is going throughout the room, even if you’re not letting any outside air into your home.

You can take this one step further by purchasing one of the higher-end air purifiers such as those of Dyson, which are bladeless air purifiers that can also be used as a fan.

Place a Bowl of Ice Wherever The Air Is Pushed Out

This tip might seem strange at first, but it works like a charm. And though it’s not the most effective option out there, it’s better than nothing.

BUT if you’re air purifier pushes air out of the top like mine, I have yet to figure out where to put the bowl of ice.

The idea behind this tip is that the ice will cool down the air behind your air purifier, which will then be sucked into the unit and pushed out from the other end, effectively distributing slightly cooler air around your room.

Granted, you don’t need an air purifier for the job. You can also use a standard fan.

And of course, make sure that the bowl of ice is actually positioned behind the air purifier where the air is sucked in for maximum effectiveness.

Do I Need an Air Purifier If I Have an Air Conditioner?

Before I answer the question, it’s important to mention that both types of devices serve an entirely different purpose. On one hand, air conditioners are great for cooling down the air from your home.

These appliances can literally make the temperature in your home drop from 30C to 19C in a matter of 30 minutes.

On the flip side, air purifiers are specially designed to purify the air within your room and keep it clean from any pollution and allergens that can be found in the air.

As a result, they don’t have any of the cooling features your typical air conditioner will have.

As far as the question is concerned, yes, you will need an air purifier if you have an air conditioner provided you want to enjoy a cool and comfortable temperature indoors and clean and allergen-free air.

If you’re not particularly bothered about the quality of the air inside your home, then no, you don’t need an air purifier.

Getting the Most Out of Your Air Purifier

While air purifiers can make your indoors a bit more comfortable by increasing the flow of air throughout the room, they can’t impact the actual temperature of the air inside your home. However, in order to make the most out of your unit, you still need to learn how to use it properly.

To do this, you first need to place it in the right area of your room. If you put the air purifier in a spot with good airflow, then it will filter the air much more effectively. On top of that, it can further stimulate circulation in the room, which will make you feel like the air is cooler than it actually is. 

I bought one of the best air purifiers for allergies due to the allergic reactions I get and my unit is elevated next to my sofa right by the window. I’ve placed it on a table.

That way, it’s not only out of the way but also high enough to maximize its effectiveness both when the window is open and when it is closed.

As far as where you should place your air purifier, that would largely depend on your room and needs. I would suggest you avoid placing it behind a sofa or in an area where the flow of air isn’t sufficient.

Additionally, you will want to keep your air purifier running 24/7. That way, you can constantly benefit from the air circulation around your room and breathe clean air.


Air purifiers are great pieces of technology. One might believe that an air purifier can keep a room cool, but that’s not quite true.

And while air purifiers clean the air by using a fan, which can increase air circulation in your room and make the room feel cooler, it’s far from being the best option.

If you want to keep your room cold during the warm months of the year, it’s best for you to buy an air conditioner.

And if that’s something you can’t afford, I outlined a few strategies to decrease the temperature inside your home by using a fan or an air purifier.