Is the LG Air-Purifying Face Mask Worth It?

I didn’t have any qualms when face masks started becoming a regular thing. As much as I would have preferred to walk around mask-free, I knew that it wasn’t in my control. On top of that, with the air quality diminishing in many cities worldwide, face masks may be here to stay for a bit longer.

With that said, I do not enjoy wearing the standard KN94s and surgical masks we usually see around. They are fairly uncomfortable, make it hard to speak to other people, and I feel pretty bad whenever I have to throw one out.

That’s why reading about the LG air-purifying face mask, better known as the LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier, excited me.

Was this finally a face mask that would solve all my problems with the regular options I see on the market?

Well, I got to test one out, and I have a fair amount to say.

While it does have some drawbacks, the LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier was able to tick most of my boxes.

While I admit it’s a fairly odd gadget and something I never thought I needed, it has many benefits.

So, let’s get into the details. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the LG air-purifying face mask in this article to give you a complete picture of the pros and cons of this gadget to make it easier for you to determine whether or not it’s worth it.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is the LG Air Purifying Face Mask?

The LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier is exactly what the name suggests.

This isn’t the first of its kind, as this is actually the successor to the original LG Air Purifying Face Mask that solved many of the first customer complaints with the products.

This device does exactly what an air purifier is designed to do, on a smaller scale.

It works through the two HEPA filters on the right and left sides of the mask.

Whenever a person inhales, the filters catch particles in the air that can cause harm to the body, allowing the person to breathe much better.

And to make it easy to breathe, there is a channel where the outgoing air passes.

LG thought of everything with this face mask, which is a huge plus.

The device has two fans to assist you further when breathing and make it feel like you aren’t wearing a mask.

On top of that, it also has a built-in microphone and speaker to amplify your voice as you speak, removing the communication barriers presented by regular face masks.

This is a really promising release from LG, and if it works, I may finally be able to find some comfort when wearing a face mask. So, let’s see if this face mask does the job as advertised.

The LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier: Is It Worth It?

Let’s face it: KF94 and other medical masks aren’t the best.

While most of us accept that these are necessary nowadays, it would be much better if there were options that were a bit more comfortable.

But since cloth face masks have proven to be sub-optimal compared to their medical counterparts, there has to be another way.

While the LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier poses a lot of potential for people who find standard medical masks uncomfortable, it does come at a price.

But is the mask that good that it would justify me spending that much on it?

In this section, we’re looking at a couple of key areas of the air purifier to see how they perform in the real world.

A Look at the Design

Before anything, let’s talk about the design.

One thing I loved about this air purifier was that it looked sleek.

It didn’t appear bulky, robotic, or even post-apocalyptic, which is the vibe I get from a lot of similar devices.

This air purifier is really sleek, which allows it to fit really well on the face.

On top of that, while it is a bit bigger than you might expect, it’s really lightweight, even with the fairly strong battery powering the fans. 

I had no complaints about the fit of this mask and found it really comfortable, which is a sentiment others shared with me.

It has a singular button to control the microphone and to turn it off and on, which means using it is very simple.

All in all, I didn’t have that many complaints with this air purifier in terms of comfort and design, and it would be a good pick for just about anyone looking for a comfortable air-purifying face mask.

Is the Build Quality Any Good?

This face mask is built well, despite how light it is. I already talked about how it fits really comfortably on my face, but let’s take a look at some of the details that made this possible. For starters, it has a flexible set of straps, which can secure the mask to your face without hurting the ears.

The mask itself doesn’t feel tight on the face and doesn’t feel heavy. On top of that, it feels pretty strong as well.

While I don’t recommend dropping it from high places, I have to say that it will probably stand the test of time with proper care.

How Does It Perform?

In terms of performance, this is a great device that does the job. This is mainly due to the two HEPA filters you can find on either side of the mask.

The HEPA filters also have inverter fans, which is how the face mask can filter out about 99.97% of the particles in the air. While this isn’t perfect, it’s much better than most wearable air purifiers and is on par with the KN94 masks.

With that said, the filters only last about a month or so.

This means you will have to replace them regularly if you want the mask to work correctly.

This is one of my major complaints with the device and is one you have to accept if you choose to get it for yourself.

On the bright side, I loved how easy this mask was to use.

The singular button to control it was great. And since it uses a USB Type-C charger, it was compatible with most of the cables I had at home.

It has a 1,000 mAH battery, which is pretty strong for the job it does.

This means it can last you quite a while, but I still recommend charging it regularly to make sure you don’t run out of battery while away from the charger.

Another cool feature was how it can amplify your voice when you speak.

I liked this a lot because I speak to people a lot when I’m out of the house, and I have to wear a mask to keep everyone as safe as possible.

And with the LG mask, I don’t have to shout or speak louder because my voice gets muffled by the mask.

Is the LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier Worth It?: Conclusion

The LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier is an excellent product for the right people.

If you’re tired of standard KF94 masks and want a more comfortable and practical option, this could be a good investment.

It would have been nice if LG launched the mask at the same time as the app you can use to control the settings, but the app is a bit late, so you might want to hold out until the app comes out first.

But if you don’t plan on connecting it to your phone, it’s really easy to control on its own.

And if you think it’s time to wear a mask that will last you a long time, comes with a lot of modern features, and can filter out harmful air particles, this could be a great option for you.