Best Air Purifiers in India

Unless you’re situated in rural India, chances are that the air quality where you live is pretty poor, and one of the best ways to make sure you’re breathing in high-quality air in your home or office is by using an air purifier.

Having been in India on several occasions, I know how many fake air purifiers there are, so when looking for an air purifier, you want to make sure you’re getting a genuine product that will really make a difference in air quality you breathe inside your home.

So, what I’ve gone ahead and done is conducted pretty extensive research to help you find the best air purifiers in India, which you can purchase right now and have your unit be on your way as early as tomorrow.

But before I show you my top picks for India, I want you to take a look at why you can trust this review in the first place.

Why You Should Trust This Review

I’m no expert when it comes to air purifiers, but what I will say is that I have owned quite a few different units over the last several years and have done very extensive research in that time. As a result, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge, which I will be sharing with you today.

Though India is very different from the states or Europe – there are plenty of fantastic air purifier models available for you in the country.

And to give you a helping hand, I’ve combined my previous experience seeking an air purifier in India with very recent market research to bring you the best air purifiers available in India right now.

Aside from that, I’ll also show you exactly what you should look for in an air purifier and disclose some of the benefits of these air purification units.

4 Best Air Purifiers in India

Coway Air Mega 150 – The Best Overall Air Purifier in India

The Coway Air Mega 150 is easily the best overall air purifier in India. It’s not good for what it is but also provides a great value for money, which is very important. This is actually the air purifier model that I went for when I lived in India, and will be speaking from first-hand experience.

This particular model was large enough to handle just about any area in the house I lived in during my time in India and was available at a very accessible price.

The first and arguably the most important feature of this unit is the real HEPA filter. This filtration system is great at capturing and trapping over 99.97% of all air pollutants such as dust, pollen, and other harmful particles before they end up in your lungs.

If you struggle with allergies like me during certain times of the year, it could be because of the dust and particles floating around. And since HEPA filters are adept at filtering out these specific particles, you’ll find yourself sneezing and coughing much less often.

But that isn’t the only filter on this model. You also get a carbon filter specifically designed for capturing gaseous particles and odors, which is something I found extremely useful considering I lived on one of the main roads in Mumbai.

Another feature that really caught my attention was the fact that this air purifier had an automatic mode. With this mode, the air purifier will automatically decide when to turn on and when to turn off depending on the quality of air in the room. This was extremely handy as I definitely wanted to be breathing in the healthiest air possible around the clock without having the air purifier running 24/7.

As far as downside – there really aren’t any. This unit is extremely reliable and I would honestly use it again in a heartbeat.


  • Great for both small and large rooms
  • Has an automatic function
  • Built-in real HEPA filter
  • Has a three-stage filtration system
  • Can filter out solid and gas particles for much cleaner air


  • Doesn’t have the best looking design

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier – The Best Premium Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line air purifier in India, the best option by far is the Pure Cool Link Air Purifier by Dyson. Though quite pricey, it’s definitely worth the money. It not only looks great but also purifies the air almost like no other air purification unit I’ve come across in India.

This Dyson model features both an activated carbon and a real HEPA filter. Like the air purifier from above – this means that this model will not only capture 99.97% of all harmful pollutants in the air but will also take care and eliminate any gasses and VOCs.

Another cool feature is that this air purifier actually has a bladeless fan. We all know that Indian summers can get hot, and sometimes a simple air conditioner won’t do the trick. That’s why I really liked the fact that this air purifier had cooling abilities. And if only it were within my price range at the time, I would have definitely gotten one for myself.


  • Great design
  • Also functions as a bladeless fan
  • HEPA and activated carbon filter
  • 360-degree air purification technology
  • Voice and Wi-Fi enabled


  • Pretty expensive

Mi Air Purifier 3 – The Best Budget Air Purifier

Unlike the Dyson model – the Mi Air Purifier 3 is on the opposite end of the spectrum as far as price is concerned. This air purifier is ideal for people shopping on a budget. Mi has a reputation for creating high-quality devices at a lower price than competitors, and this model lives up to that standard – which is the reason why I’m including it in this list today.

While this air purifier is one of the most affordable options on this list, it comes with a true HEPA filter. This is one of the reasons why it stands out in its price range. Usually, air purifiers at this price point won’t have true HEPA filters, which is a big reason most people prefer saving up for a more expensive model.

One of my favorite details in this air purifier is the display. This is an OLED touch display that’s very bright, easy to read, and incredibly responsive. This is why it’s very easy for people to tweak the settings and find the one that fits their preferences.

And unlike most other air purifiers at this price point, this model has plenty of smart functions. This means it can connect to your Wi-Fi and your phone, making it much easier to use. This is great if you want to adjust your air purifier in the evening but don’t want to get out of bed.

The only downside to this model is that it isn’t suitable for larger rooms such as a living room. So, I would personally recommend you to keep it in your bedroom.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with smart features
  • Easy to use
  • Has a true HEPA filter
  • OLED touch display


  • Not ideal for larger rooms

LUMO Semi-Permanent Portable Car Air Purifier – The Best Portable Air Purifier

If you need to travel all the time, rather than buying an air purifier that will be inconvenient to carry – you should take a look at buying a portable air purifier. Fortunately, I’ve done the research already and the best portable unit on the market in India at the moment is the semi-permanent portable car air purifier by LUMO.

To start, it operates fairly quietly for such an affordable air purifier. You won’t have to worry about the noise drowning out the music or conversations with friends when in use. And since it’s so compact, you can place it in a very discreet area of the car so that it’s out of the way.

One really awesome feature of this particular model is the fact that it’s semi-permanent, meaning the filter inside is designed to last for a very long time. Since it’s semi-permanent, the filter is designed to last a pretty long time. One of the biggest downsides to this air purifier is that you can’t change the filter inside.

This means that once the air purifier starts to underperform, you should either take it to a specialist or buy a new one as a whole. Considering its price point, that isn’t actually too bad of a deal.

Another complaint we have with this purifier is the lack of a true HEPA filter. We understand that it might be impractical to put a true HEPA filter in a car air purifier, but it still would have been a nice feature.


  • Portable and convenient
  • Filter lasts a fairly long time
  • Low noise level during operation
  • Affordable


  • Designed to be replaced after some time
  • Doesn’t have a true HEPA filter

Things to Consider Before Buying An Air Purifier

There are quite a few things that I’d like you to consider before spending your hard-earned money on a brand new air purifier. Below, I’ve listed some of the things that I would have liked to know before I bought my first air purifier. That way, you can make a more informed decision and really pick the unit that best suits your needs and budget.

The Filter

The filter is arguably the most important part of your air purifier. It’s the technology that transforms the air purifier from being a fan to purifying the air. It’s the technology that traps and keeps hold all harmful particles in the air before they end up in your lungs.

There are two main filters available on the market today, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. If you can get an air purifier with both, that would be perfect; if not, you need to decide which filter best meets your needs.

A HEPA filter is designed to trap 99.97% of solid particles passed through the filtration system. These include dust, pollen, and others. HEPA filters are not great at taking care of harmful gasses, though. For that, you’ll need an active carbon filter.

With that said, you also need to be careful and ensure that the filter you get with your air purifier is legit. There are many HEPA-like filters which mimic the real HEPA filtration system, but are nowhere near as good as the real HEPA filters.

The Size of Your Room

Another thing to consider before you pick a specific air purifier is the size of your room.

You want to make sure that the unit you buy has the air purification capacity to cleanse all the air within your room.

This means that you shouldn’t buy an air purifier that is too small for your room as that will mean that it won’t be able to do its job properly.

Likewise, you shouldn’t buy an air purifier that is too large for your room as that will be a waste.


It’s important to remember that air purifiers require regular maintenance.

If you want the purifier to work to the best of its abilities, you need to clean it regularly.

This is because the air inlets and outlets as well as the filters, can clog up after taking in a lot of air, and cleaning the purifier is the best way to unclog it from the buildup of dust, hair, and other harmful particles.

Additionally, most people may not know this, but you have to replace the filters on your air purifier every once in a while. This is what allows the purifier to function to the best of its abilities for longer, which is why I recommend stocking up on a few extra filters when buying an air purifier to save yourself the hassle further down the line.

The Price

One of the best ways to narrow down your options when shopping for an air purifier is to select a definite price range. Not only does this allow you to budget better, but it makes it easier to weed out some options as you can immediately disqualify air purifiers that don’t fall within your ideal budget.

Besides that, it’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of good and affordable air purifiers on the internet. You just need to find them.

Additional Features

Another thing you might want to look for in your air purifier is an automatic mode. Remember, if you want to get the most out of your air purifier, you need to keep it on constantly. And if your air purifier has an automatic function, it will be much easier to do that since you don’t have to constantly turn it on and off.

This is because the automatic function can automatically detect and measure the current air quality in your room. From there, the air purifier can decide whether to turn on or turn off. That way, not only does the air purifier work only when needed but it will also prolong its lifespan.

Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

There are many benefits of using an air purifier, especially if you live in a heavily polluted part of India.

Below, I’ll go over some of the biggest benefits that I personally experienced from using an air purifier in India.

Cleaner Air

The most obvious benefit of using an air purifier is that the air you’re going to be breathing is going to be significantly cleaner. Provided you get a good quality air purifier with an activated carbon and a real HEPA filter – you’re almost guaranteed to breathe air that’s free from irritants, allergens, harmful gasses, and VOCs.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies like myself, using an air purifier can help to reduce your symptoms by a whole lot. This is because the purifier will remove pollen and other allergens that irritate your lungs from the air before you breathe them in. When I first got my air purifier, as far as allergies were concerned – my quality of life increased tremendously so if you’re in the same shoes as me, getting an air purifier with a real HEPA filter will go a long way.

Improved Sleep

When you breathe in clean air, the quality of your sleep will increase a lot – especially if you’ve been living in a heavily polluted part of India for a while without an air purifier. The difference in sleep quality will be pretty noticeable almost right away.


Coming across the right air purifier for your needs in India can be pretty tough. There are many fake and replica air purifiers on the market, which can make the hunt for a genuine unit pretty difficult.

Fortunately, I’ve spent quite a decent amount of time researching the market so anything you see in this guide is 100% genuine. What you need to do next though is decide on what you expect from an air purifier as well as the amount of money that you’re willing to invest. Truthfully, you can’t go wrong with any of the units from above so whatever you pick – you’ll be in good hands.