Philips Series 800: The Breakthrough Air Purifier You Need

Have you heard about the Philips Series 800 Air Purifier?

Made by Philips, a trusted brand known for its high-quality products, this device is perfect for anyone who wants to breathe better air.

With its advanced filter technology, the Series 800 can remove dust, pollen, and other pollutants from your indoor air.

Plus, it’s small and stylish, making it a great addition to any room in your home!

Ready to experience the benefits of this powerful device?

Then, let’s get started!

philips series 800 air purifier

Philips Series 800 Overview

Philips 800 Series Compact Air Purifier

This small air purifier is designed for rooms up to 144 sq. ft and uses 3-stage filtration technology.

It has a pre-filter, a NanoProtect HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

With just one push of a button, your air purifier will start working.

It’s quick and effective, thanks to its clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 93 CFM!

Invisible Viruses

You might be wondering, can this air purifier handle invisible viruses, allergens, and pollutants?

The answer is yes!

The Philips 800 Series Compact Air Purifier is great at filtering out those pesky invisible viruses that can make you and your family sick.

What’s more, it can purify the air in less than 16 minutes, keeping your home clean and safe at all times.

Philips Series 800 Key Features

Filtration System

The Philips Series 800 air purifier offers an effective filtration system, ensuring cleaner air in your home.

At its core, the unit features a NanoProtect HEPA filter that captures particles as small as 3 nanometers, such as allergens, dust, and pollen.

But before the air reaches the main filter, a pre-filter catches larger particles like hair and pet dander.

This arrangement helps maximize efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your main HEPA filter.

Air Quality Sensors

How can you ensure that the air in your home is always clean?

To help with this, the Philips Series 800 has an air quality sensor that constantly monitors your surroundings.

It provides real-time feedback, ensuring you’re always aware of the current air quality in your home.

Plus, this feature allows the purifier to make adjustments as needed for optimal air cleanliness.

Sleep Mode

Having a peaceful night’s sleep is important, and the Philips Series 800 understands this.

That’s why it offers a sleep mode that operates with minimal noise, ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy.

When engaged, the air purifier runs at a whisper-quiet level so it doesn’t disturb your slumber.

philips series 800 air purifier one touch operation

Automatic Mode

Looking for a hassle-free way to maintain clean air in your home?

Let the Philips Series 800 do the work!

With its automatic mode, the air purifier adjusts its settings based on input from the air quality sensor.

This means it works hard when it detects poor air quality and eases off when the air is clean, allowing you to enjoy life without constantly adjusting the settings.

Simple yet powerful, it’s designed to improve the air you breathe in your home.

Philips Series 800 Performance Metrics

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Ever wondered how effective an air purifier is at cleaning the air?

That’s where the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) comes in.

The Philips Series 800 has an impressive CADR, as it improved air quality by approximately 93% in a performance test!

With such great results, you can confidently expect cleaner air in your living space.

philips series 800 air purifier 3-layer filtration

Airflow Circulation

Airflow circulation plays a crucial role in maintaining fresh air in your room.

As mentioned, the Philips Series 800 effectively circulates the air through its 3-stage filtration technology, which includes:

  1. Pre-filter
  2. HEPA filter
  3. Activated carbon filter

This powerful combination ensures that small particles and unwanted odors are captured, providing you with fresh and clean air.

Room Size

Is your room within the suitable coverage area of the Philips Series 800?

This air purifier is designed to cover rooms up to 144 sq. ft.

So, if your room is within this range, you can rest assured that this air purifier will provide optimal performance and improve your indoor air quality.

Remember, it’s always important to consider the air purifier’s performance metrics when choosing one for your home.

With the Philips Series 800’s impressive CADR, effective airflow circulation, and suitable room size coverage, you’re well on your way to enjoying cleaner air in your living space.

Philips Series 800 Health Benefits

Elimination of Pollutants

This compact air purifier removes up to 99.5% of particles as small as 3 nanometers, including viruses, allergens, and pollutants.

So, facing issues with pollen, dust, or pet dander?

The Philips Series 800 can make your home safer for you and your family.

Using advanced filter technology, here are some pollutants this device can conquer:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Pollen
  3. Dust
  4. Pet dander
  5. Aerosols

Philips Series 800 Medical Devices VAT Relief

Safety is everyone’s concern.

Did you know that the Philips Series 800 air purifier has been independently tested to remove up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air?

It even went through tests for coronavirus!

You may be eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, so owning a Philips 800 Series Air Purifier could be more affordable and accessible in the long run.

With clean air and safe surroundings, life becomes easier and more enjoyable!

Philips Series 800 Technical Specifications

Power Consumption

Did you know the Philips Series 800 has efficient power usage?

The maximum power consumption is just 20 W!

What about standby mode?

Don’t worry. It consumes less than 0.5 W!

Isn’t that great for saving energy?


Your Philips Series 800 operates at a voltage range of 220-240 V.

This means it would work well in most countries.

No need to worry about compatibility with your power outlets.


How heavy is the Philips Series 800?

The answer will surprise you!

This compact appliance is only slightly heavy, giving you the perfect balance between stability and easy mobility.

Cord Length

The Philips Series 800 comes with a decent cord length, giving you the flexibility to place it near your power outlets without any hassle.

Sound Level

A quiet appliance is always a welcome addition to any home.

The Philips Series 800 won’t disturb your peaceful moments with its low sound level. Enjoy your day with minimal noise, courtesy of this fantastic machine.

Philips Series 800: Wrapping Up

The Philips Series 800 Air Purifier is a powerful, compact, and effective solution for maintaining clean air in your home.

So, what makes it stand out for you?

First, its ability to purify the air in rooms up to 144 ft² quickly and efficiently.

With a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 190 m³/h, you will see improvements in air quality in less than 16 minutes.

Another aspect to appreciate is its user-friendly design.

With just one push of a button, your air purifier takes care of the invisible viruses, allergens, and pollutants in your living space.

Plus, its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere in your home.

Thanks to its energy-efficient design, the air purifier runs at a maximum of 20 W power, which means it won’t be a burden on your electricity bill.

Isn’t it great to have a device that helps you breathe easily without emptying your wallet?

Imagine how the Philips Series 800 can make your home safer and more comfortable, all while being both unobtrusive and simple to operate.

So, go ahead and give yourself the gift of clean air with this reliable and high-performing device!

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