Best Air Purifier for Eczema in 2023 [Top 6]


The best air purifier for eczema you can find on the market depends on many things: your trigger, your budget, your space, and the machine’s availability in the market.

While modern medicine has allowed us to cure many diseases, some conditions can only be managed and not completely cured. 

Eczema affects over 31 million Americans and even more people worldwide, making finding different ways to manage the condition essential.

This is why many people have shifted to using air purifiers for eczema.

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Benefits of Using an Air Purifier for Your Skin

With the rising levels of air pollution, we’re already starting to see the impact of poor air quality on our skin.

The negative impact of polluted air on our skin is significant, from increased acne, rashes, and irritation to faster aging skin.

And although we can’t do much about the air quality outdoors, there’s a lot we can do about it inside our homes, thanks to air purifiers.

These appliances are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason.

Using an air purifier has many benefits, many of which are for your skin.

But before I discuss the benefits of using an air purifier for your skin, it’s essential to understand how air purifiers work.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Though they might seem complex, air purifiers are straightforward machines.

Mostly, they feature a motor, a filtration system, and a fan, all enclosed in a nicely designed case.

When the air purifier is turned on, it will suck in air, push it through the filtration system, and release the air back into the room.

During that process, the polluted air remains within the air purifier.

In contrast, the clean air is released back into the room.

Each air purifier works slightly differently, but for simplicity’s sake, the above will explain how air purifiers work in most simple terms.

5 Benefits of Using an Air Purifier for Your Skin

When using the correct type of air purifier, there are five benefits that your skin will experience the most.

I will go over each one in more detail below.

Reduced Skin Irritation

Everyone gets skin irritation sometimes, but people who suffer from skin irritation daily have the most trouble.

While having a dirty pillowcase or sleeping with make-up can cause skin irritation, so can the irritants and pollution in your indoor space.

That’s where an air purifier comes in handy.

Using an air purifier will effectively remove all irritants from the air that can cause skin irritation.

Slow Down Aging Skin

As you age, your skin will too.

It’s a part of life, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

However, the impact of age on your skin doesn’t have to be as significant as you think.

Thanks to using an air purifier, you’ll give your skin the perfect indoor environment to thrive.

This will ultimately slow down aging skin and make you look younger than you are.

Reduced Dryness

If you’ve used an air conditioner at home, you’ll know how dry it can make the air feel.

When using an air purifier, you don’t have to worry about dry skin anymore.

This is because air purifiers not only purify the air but they also do it while maintaining all of the moisture in the air.

Improved Acne

When it comes to acne, air purifiers can be particularly beneficial.

Regardless of the severity of your acne, keeping your face as clean as possible from any irritants is essential.

And while you might not be touching your face with your hands, it will always be in contact with the air inside your home.

If the air isn’t purified, all the dust and solid particles floating around will come in contact with your acne and worsen things.

Reduced Rashes and Skin Disease

Germs, and pollen, amongst other irritants present in the air, are the biggest trigger for skin rashes and diseases like Eczema, Angioedema, and Hives.

Using an air purifier to cleanse the air from all of these irritants is the best way to stop skin diseases and rashes in their track before they become problematic.

What Type of Air Purifier Can Benefit the Skin?

First, you must make sure you buy a quality air purifier.

While you can find some good budget-friendly options, most cheap air purifiers feature replica filtration systems, which are not that good.

To see the most significant benefits for your skin, you want an air purifier with a pre-filter, a carbon-activated filter, and a true HEPA filter.

These filtration systems are great at capturing both gaseous and solid particles that can irritate and negatively impact your skin.

When shopping around, ensure that the HEPA filter you buy is a “true HEPA filter” and is at least class H13.

This means it has passed the HEPA standards, which means it can purify the air from 99.97% of all solid particles.

As for the carbon-activated and pre-filter, those are pretty standard and cannot be faked, though practice your due diligence before buying.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier for Your Skin

Before you spend your hard-earned money on the first air purifier you come across, there are a few things I want you to consider.

The Filtration System

The filtration system you opt for will make the most significant difference in whether or not you get the benefits you’ve read about today.

Since air quality impacts your skin, you want an air purifier with a filtration system that can effectively eliminate all irritants in the air.

So, you want to look for an air purifier with a multi-stage filtration system.

I recommend getting a unit with a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and a carbon-activated filter.

Such a unit will effectively remove pollen, dust, and other solid particles affecting your skin.

It will also eliminate gaseous particles such as VOCs and smoke from cigarettes and fire, amongst others.

The Air Purification Capacity of the Unit

Not all air purifiers are designed to perform the same.

Some air purifiers have a larger air purification capacity, making them more suitable for larger spaces.

Others have a smaller air purification capacity and are designed for smaller rooms.

So, before you go out shopping, measure the square footage of your room and look for a suitable air purifier.

That way, you will buy just the perfect-sized model for your indoors.

Other Health-Related Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Aside from the direct benefits, your skin will experience when using an air purifier, the benefits don’t end there.

Using an air purifier 24/7 inside your home will bring many other health benefits, which I’ll discuss below.

Please note that the below benefits are the ones I have personally experienced over the last five years.

Improved Sleep

One of the most significant advantages of using an air purifier while sleeping is improved quality sleep at night.

I used to wake up tired, unmotivated, and fatigued quite often.

Since I bought an air purifier and have used it when sleeping, bad-quality sleep has been rare.

So, get an air purifier if you’re having trouble sleeping at night.

Breathing in fine-quality air before and during the night will help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Lower Risk of Catching Viruses

Buy an air purifier with a multi-stage filtration system. It will effectively take care of most solid and non-solid particles.

As a result, you will get to breathe purified air free from potentially harmful particles.

This will significantly reduce your risk of breathing in viruses and bacteria that can irritate your respiratory system.

I have not had a cold in several years, despite being amongst the people most prone to catching viruses everywhere I go.

Alleviates Symptoms of Asthma

I’ve had asthma since I was young.

And over the years, the symptoms have gotten progressively worse.

This was partly to my moving to the bigger city, experiencing more stress from everyday life, and several different factors.

However, since buying an air purifier, my asthma symptoms have dramatically reduced.

Those seasonal allergies that used to bother me are now long-gone too.

Lower Blood Pressure

When I lived in India, I had to buy an air purifier to purify the air in Delhi because the air quality was terrible.

My blood pressure was through the roof, and it made sense.

My body was trying to operate while breathing heavily polluted air, which it wasn’t used to.

Studies show that reducing your PM2.5 particle intake from 11 to 7 micrograms is enough to lower your blood pressure.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

I’m not diabetic, but I came across a study that shows a strong link between the level of PM2.5 particles and an increased level of diabetes.

So, if you live in an environment polluted with PM2.5 particles, having an air purifier will reduce your chances of diabetes.


If you suffer from skin conditions, be it acne or rashes, or generally have dry skin, an air purifier can help.

Thanks to its advanced air purification system, the unit can eliminate all air particles irritating your skin and causing it to react.

And the beauty of air purifiers is that they don’t just help your skin.

They can also significantly improve your sleep quality, reduce your chances of catching a virus, and improve your respiratory health.

To reap all these benefits, you must buy the right air purifier with the appropriate filtration systems.