The 3 Best Air Purifiers With Timer

Modern-day air purifiers come with a ton of convenient features.

When I bought my first air purifier, I was overwhelmed with what was possible.

Granted, cheaper and more basic air purifiers don’t have as many features and functionalities, but most air purifiers do.

And one of the features that I was pleasantly surprised with was the timer.

When you have a timer on your air purifier, you won’t have to go to it to turn it off and on.

All you have to do is set the timer yourself, and the air purifier will turn on automatically at a set hour of the day.

For instance, if you’re heading to bed at 10 and want the unit to start working at 9:30, you can set it to do that.

There are more than a handful of air purifiers on the market with built-in timers, and in this article, I’ll share some of my favorite models.

3 Best Air Purifiers With Timers

There are more than enough air purifiers with built-in timers, but not all of them are worth it.

After extensive research, I believe the three models below are worth the most within their respective price ranges.

Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier – The Best Overall Air Purifier With A Timer

In my opinion, the best air purifier with a timer is the Honeywell HPA300.

One of the reasons why this particular air purifier is my favorite is because of its air purification capacity.

This air purifier is well-equipped for large rooms up to 465 square feet, which is more than enough to handle any house area.

On top of that, it has a tremendous multi-stage filtration system.

The air purifier has a true HEPA filter, essential for removing solid particles such as dirt, dust, pollen, and others.

On top of that, it has a pre-filter for larger particles like pet dander and a carbon filter for nasty or harmful smells and odors.

In other words, it is the all-in-one solution for your air purification needs.

And, of course, this model has an excellent timer feature.

This air purifier has three different timer settings: a 2-hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour timer.

You won’t have to worry about turning the air purifier off again.

All you have to set the timer and leave it to do its job.

Once it hits the set time, the air purifier will automatically shut off, which is extremely handy.

In terms of design, this air purifier certainly isn’t lacking.

The sleek black colorway can fit in very well in many homes and doesn’t steal that much attention.

As I personally own this air purifier, after a few months of usage, I have zero complaints about it.

It would have been great if this air purifier was a bit more affordable, but it’s still very worth the price.

So, aside from a slightly higher price tag, this air purifier with a built-in timer is a great and worthwhile purchase.


  • The best (in my opinion) air purifier on the market
  • A great multi-stage filtration system
  • Convenient timer settings
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Ideal for medium to large spaces


  • Not the most affordable option

InvisiClean Aura II – The Best Budget Air Purifier With Timer

When I initially went to buy an air purifier, I assumed you would have to spend upwards of $250 for a good model.

However, this InvisiClean air purifier proves that you don’t need to bust the bank to get your hands on a high-quality air purifier.

This model comes with tons of great features that exceed its price range.

However, as you would expect, my favorite feature is the combo of a HEPA and a carbon-activated filter.

It’s hard to find an air purifier at this price with a true HEPA filter, let alone one with a multi-stage filtration system.

On top of that, it can handle spaces up to 1,270 square feet, which is far more than any other option on this list.

This unit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an air purifier for a larger basement, office space, or hall.

This air purifier also uses UV-light technology to further clean the air.

This is a unique feature as not many portable air purifiers like this utilize UV light, so it’s a welcome change.

That said, the one complaint I have with this air purifier was the ionizer.

Ionizers aren’t that bad, and they can actually be very effective at clearing the air of dust and other solid particles by causing the particles to fall to the ground.

However, I have two issues with this technology.

Number one, ionizers produce ozone.

The air will smell like ozone, which can be dangerous if you breathe in too much, so I don’t recommend using this feature too often.

On top of that, since the particles fall to the ground, you still have to sweep or vacuum them, which defeats the purpose of owning an air purifier.

Besides the ionizer, this air purifier is one of the best budget options for an air purifier with a timer.


  • Convenient timer functions
  • Uses UV-light
  • Has a true HEPA filter
  • Has a carbon filter
  • Very affordable


  • Has an ionizer

Medify MA-40 – The Best Premium Air Purifier With Timer

While you don’t have to spend too much money to get your hands on a good air purifier, there are specific models on the market that are worth the money.

This Medify MA-40 air purifier is one of them.

If you want an air purifier with a timer that comes with premium features and will last a long time, this is the one for you.

To start, let’s look at the design.

Out of all the models I chose on this list, this one has the most unique and modern design, which is one of the key reasons I chose it as the premium pick.

On top of that, this air purifier has a true HEPA filter and carbon filter.

So, if you’re worried about VOCs, smoke, solid particles like dust, pollen, and others circulating indoors, don’t.

This air purifier is capable of taking care of solid and gaseous particles.

The Medify MA-40 also has a tremendous built-in timer, which can be set between 0 and 8 hours.

This gives you way more flexibility than any other air purifier on this list.

It’s also very quiet, so you won’t have to worry about loud noises distracting or keeping you awake at night.

And since this is a pretty air purifier, you can expect it to come with great premium features.

For example, this air purifier can handle spaces up to 1,600 square feet, which is a lot and probably excessive for most people.

It also has a touch-screen display, which is a neat and modern feature to have.

In fact, my only real complaint about this model is the price.

It’s the most expensive model on this list, and it was a bit out of my price range when I was shopping for an air purifier.

However, if I had the money, I would have gone for this one over the Honeywell model I own.


  • Very easy to use
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Great for large spaces
  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • Touch-screen display
  • Flexible built-in timer


  • Fairly expensive

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Why Do You Need an Air Purifier with a Timer?

For some people, a timer might seem an excessive feature and a waste of money.

So, why would anyone want an air purifier with a built-in timer in the first place?

Well, that’s because air purifiers with timers allow you to use the air purifier in ways that best suit your needs.

For example, if you know you return from work at 5 PM daily, you can set your air purifier to turn on at 4 PM.

That way, the air purifier has 60 minutes to purify the air in your room before you return home.

This means that as soon as you’re home, you can start breathing in clean and purified air as the unit has already been working for an hour.

I personally find this feature super handy.

I mostly use the timer to set my air purifier to turn on for about 20-30 minutes before I head to bed.

Other Features to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Having a built-in timer in your air purifier is excellent. 

Still, it’s not the only handy feature air purifiers tend to have.

Here are a couple more important features to remember when buying an air purifier.

A Quiet Fan

One of the essential features you want to consider in an air purifier is the noise levels it produces when purifying the air inside your home.

The last thing you want to do is get a loud air purifier.

Trust me, having a humming noise in the background all the time can be very annoying and could even put you off from using the air purifier 24/7.

I’d recommend you go for an air purifier that produces a maximum dB (decibels) of 50-60.

Anything over 60 dB is way too loud. It will be very noticeable, especially if you use the unit in a small room.

The units I’ve recommended above are very quiet, so you have nothing to worry about.

However, if you plan on shopping for an air purifier or doing more research, read my air purifier noise levels guide.

That way, you can understand decibel and air purifiers and what is considered a good choice and what isn’t.

A Multi-Stage Filtration System

An air purifier without a good filtration system isn’t worth it.

If you really want to improve the air quality inside your home, buying an air purifier with a sound filtration system is non-negotiable.

If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend a two to three-stage filtration system, and if you have a bit more money to spend, a 4-stage filtration system would be ideal.

The typical 3-stage filtration system is a standard, though.

It features a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon-activated filter.

This combination of filters can effectively remove solid and gaseous particles in the air.

From dust and pet dander to VOCs and harmful smoke, an air purifier with such a filtration system will have no trouble dealing with all such particles.

An Automatic and Smart Functions

If you want to go all out when buying an air purifier, consider getting one with an automatic mode and many smart features.

These are entirely optional but can be pretty nice to have as they will make using your air purifier much easier and more convenient.

An air purifier with an automatic feature can adjust the unit’s performance based on the quality of air or your own presets.

Benefits of Owning an Air Purifier

If you’ve never owned an air purifier, you might be a bit skeptical of why you should buy one in the first place.

In this section, I’ll outline some of the most significant benefits of using an air purifier.

Significantly Less Polluted Air Indoors

The first and most obvious benefit is that the air quality inside your home will be dramatically better than outside.

This is because most modern air purifiers feature advanced filtration systems designed to capture up to 99.97% of all solid particles in the air.

Any models I recommend will also take care of VOCs, cooking odors, and other nasty or harmful smells and glasses.

So, if you want to enjoy and breathe clean and purified air, having an air purifier is the best way to do that, especially if you live in a polluted city.

Reduced Allergic Reactions

I personally suffer from allergies a lot during the allergy season.

And before I had my first air purifier, I used to have a pretty terrible time.

However, shortly after using it, my allergies completely disappeared when I was inside my home.

And it makes sense.

A purifier with a true HEPA filter can capture all solid pollutants and allergens that irritate your lungs before you breathe them in.

So, if you’re suffering from allergies, getting an air purifier that can tackle allergies is a fantastic investment that I couldn’t recommend enough.

Better Sleep Quality

Sleep is critical.

Poor sleep causes mood swings, feelings of tiredness, and fatigue. 

It can even go as far as impacting your focus and productivity.

When I lived in India, the air quality was the worst I had ever tried, and it affected my sleep to the point where I could hardly fall asleep.

Thankfully, I bought the best air purifier for Delhi, quickly resolving my problems.

Even if you don’t believe the quality of air affects your sleep until you get to sleep in a room with purified air, you won’t honestly know.


Having an air purifier with a built-in timer can come in very handy.

You can simply set the time for the air purifier. 

Once the right time comes, the air purifier will automatically turn on and start purifying the air.

This is great if you plan on leaving your home for a while or being busy with other activities.

Fortunately, my list of recommendations features the three best air purifiers across three different price ranges.

And honestly, no matter which unit you go for, you can’t go wrong.