Why Does My Cat Like MY Air Purifier?

There were lots of things that surprised me when I got my first air purifier.

To start, I didn’t truly realize how poor the air quality was in my room until I turned the air purifier on for the first time.

I knew I lived in a big city and that air pollution was bad, but my air purifier truly surprised me as to how clean and healthy it can make the air in my indoor space.

But that wasn’t what surprised me the most.

What really caught my attention was how curious my cat got when started using my air purifier.

Most cat owners would know that felines are fairly apathetic.

I’ve had times when I ordered fancy cat condos and cat beds from Amazon only to find my cat more interested in the box when they arrived.

So, when my air purifier arrived, I set the box aside for my cat to play with and turned it on. But to my surprise, my cat came towards me and seemed to examine and almost play with the air purifier.

It was funny in the beginning but then I started to get worried because it kept happening for a very long time.

My cat would go to the air purifier and play with it every time I turned it on.

That’s why I had to get to the bottom of why my cat was so intrigued and interested in my air purifier. And when I looked for answers, I found that many other air purifiers and cat owners experienced the same thing as myself.

In this article, I’ll go through the most common reasons why your cat might like your air purifier a little too much as well as take a closer look at whether or not your air purifier is safe for your cat and why cat owners in particular can benefit from an air purifier.

Reasons Why Your Cat Likes Your Air Purifier

Cats love to establish their own comfort zones, and when a new item or object enters their space like an air purifier, they get very curious about it.

If you notice your cat going near your air purifier and starting to rub its face on the machine, this is just the cat trying to understand what it is and marking its territory.

On top of that, cats have incredibly sensitive organs.

We will never be able to understand the way cats and other animals perceive the world.

However, we do know that cats feel things much differently than humans.

So, a slight change in the air quality is something your cat will notice instantly. And since the newer and cleaner air is coming straight from the air purifier, there’s a high chance your cat is going to investigate what’s going on.

Another reason my cat was attracted to my specific air purifier was actually pretty interesting.

I chose to get an air purifier with an ionizer that releases ions into the air.

Apparently, this gives off a faint scent similar to how it smells after the rain, which is something many cats seem to enjoy.

Is It Safe to Have an Air Purifier If You Have a Cat?

Air purifiers are completely safe for cats. If you have a cat at home, there’s nothing wrong with getting an air purifier.

After all, your cat would reap similar benefits to yourself from breathing clean air, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get your hands on one if you have a cat.

In fact, having an air purifier might actually make it easier for you to live with your cat in harmony.

As a cat owner, I particularly found owning an air purifier extremely advantageous.

In the section below, I’ll go over some of the reasons why. 

Why Cat Owners Should Get Air Purifiers

Aside from breathing in much cleaner air – there are benefits that cat owners, in particular, can take advantage of by using an air purifier inside their home.

Below – I’ll talk to you about two very popular examples.

They Filter Out Fur From the Air

To start, I have to mention that I have a short-haired cat.

As a result, my cat sheds a lot, which means a whole lot of fur ends up in the air, on the floor, and on just about every surface imaginable. And even with vacuuming the house every day, that still wasn’t enough to get rid of it all.

But after turning on my air purifier, when I went to clean the filter sometime later – I noticed a ton of fur trapped inside the unit.

The reason for this is that the HEPA filter in my air purifier is a real, top-tier filter.

So, it can easily trap dust, fur, and other small particles floating in the air that caused me to sneeze.

If you have a furry cat that sheds a lot – you might want to consider investing in an air purifier with a real HEPA filter.

It’s worth it and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Can Reduce Allergic Reactions

Fortunately, I’m not allergic to cats, but I have friends that are, and it makes gatherings at my home fairly awkward.

At least that used to be the case until I purchased my first air purifier and found out the unit can dramatically reduce allergic reactions. Now I get to invite all of my friends over without worrying if my cat will cause them any discomfort.


If your cat is curious about your brand-new air purifier, it’s nothing to worry about. Cats are naturally attracted to new items that enter their comfort zone, and because of that – they must find out what it is.

Air purifiers are safe for cats and help with their odors, so don’t worry about it too much. In fact – your cat being near your air purifier is good because any sort of fur it might shed will get pulled and trapped inside the air purifiers filters rather than ending up in your lungs and causing you irritation.