Does an Air Purifier Help with Dog Smell?


Are you a dog owner who wonders if an air purifier help with dog smell?

You’re probably like me, who loves your dog but is not so thrilled with that less-than-pleasant odor. Trust me, I feel you!

Lucky for us, the following will be more information that we could/would ever want to know about air purifiers and odors—from a pet and otherwise.

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Is An Air Purifier Safe for Birds? What You Need To Know

air purifier for bird dander

If you are a homeowner and bird parent, you probably wonder, “is an air purifier safe for birds?”

This is, indeed, a valid concern. After all, it’s not only your bird’s health that could potentially benefit from air purifiers but yours, too!

Unfortunately, though, as with so many things in the HVAC industry, there isn’t a single, clear-cut answer. 

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Why Does My Cat Like MY Air Purifier?

Why Does My Cat Like MY Air Purifier?

There were lots of things that surprised me when I got my first air purifier.

To start, I didn’t truly realize how poor the air quality was in my room until I turned the air purifier on for the first time.

I knew I lived in a big city and that air pollution was bad, but my air purifier truly surprised me as to how clean and healthy it can make the air in my indoor space.

But that wasn’t what surprised me the most.

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