Which Individuals Buy Air Purifiers the Most?

Air purifiers are rapidly growing in popularity.

While they used to be deemed as a non-essential luxury purchase – these units are slowly becoming a staple in modern-day homes.

But who is driving this rise in popularity?

Well, it can be hard to figure out a specific demographic that buys air purifiers. There simply isn’t enough data out there that points to one demographic buying air purifiers.

For instance – I personally have owned an air purifier for the last four years and know of a couple of people that make use of these air-purifying machines too. I know that my reason is different from that of my friends because we have spoken about it.

I bought the air purifier because I live in the city and the air is polluted while my friends with air purifiers who live in rural areas bought their machines to purify the air from pollen and other irritants around them.

To find the answer to this question – in today’s article, I will conduct more extensive research in order to understand which individuals buy air purifiers the most.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Before we start breaking down who actually buys air purifiers the most – we first need to find out what an air purifier actually does, which could lead us to a better understanding of the target market.

As the name suggests, an air purifier purifies the air within the room it’s in.

In order to purify the air – the air purifier sucks in the air from one end and as the air goes through the multiple filters inside – all the pollen, dust, and other irritants get trapped inside.

Then – the air, which is now free of harmful particles, is released back into your room.

Certain air purifiers on the market also have features such as an ionizer, which releases ions into the air, making dust particles fall down.

Manufacturers also add other features such as an ionizer that releases ions into the air that makes dust particles fall down for the air purifier to catch and filtrate.

There are even some air purifiers with ozone generators. However, ozone can irritate the lungs, especially when you use it in a small room, so I don’t really recommend buying such a model.

With that said, an air purifier could be a great investment for just about anyone.

Most people don’t even know that the air they breathe is of poor quality, as it can take a while for the average person to develop symptoms – even when they breathe the worst quality air.

But from personal experience – the second you turn the air purifier on, you’ll start feeling the difference in air quality, and quite frankly – you will never be able to go back.

Who Buys Air Purifiers the Most?

Air purifiers are definitely more popular now than they used to be.

Currently, the market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%, which is a clear sign more people are going to start buying air purifiers for themselves.

North America is currently dominating the air purifier market, with a large chunk of sales coming from this region.

So, you can say that America is one of the countries that buy the most air purifiers.

However, there are individuals all over the world that benefit from an air purifier, and they are part of the reason the market is growing at its current rate.

Some of these individuals include:

People with Allergies

People with allergies and asthma can greatly benefit from an air purifier. This is why there are so many people who struggle with allergies purchasing air purifiers for their homes.

An air purifier can remove allergens and other harmful particles from the air.

While this doesn’t eliminate your allergies, it does help prevent your body from coming into contact with allergens.

For example, if you have asthma and can’t be around dust, an air purifier is a great investment.

It can filter out dust from the air, greatly reducing the amount you inhale and your chance of having a bad allergic reaction.

There are over 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, so this means an air purifier can potentially help a lot of people.

This is why people living with allergies are now buying air purifiers for their homes to improve the air quality and help them live a safer and healthier life.

Pet Owners

If you’ve owned a pet, then you’ve probably had to deal with fur at one point or another. Animals like dogs and cats are natural shedders, and even if you vacuum frequently and groom them to prevent shedding, there will be some small hairs that you won’t be able to get.

These small hairs can float around in the air and end up in your lungs, which can cause a lot of irritation.

So, pet owners who want to reduce the amount of fur in the air are now investing in air purifiers as good models with real HEPA filters have the capability of sucking out the hair from the air.

This also reduces the amount of hair and fur that pet owners have to sweep, saving them a lot of time.

If you have a lot of pets at home and want to make your life easier, you may want to join the tons of pet owners currently buying air purifiers to reduce the amount of fur in the air,

Health Conscious Individuals

Not too many people understand how polluted the air is.

Nowadays, air pollution is very high, and even if you don’t smell it or notice it, there are harmful particles in the air that could affect your health. This is why many health-conscious individuals have air purifiers at home.

The air we breathe can have a profound effect on our lives.

When we regularly breathe in air with harmful particles in it, we can damage our lungs and nose.

The symptoms of the damage may not appear right away, which is why most people don’t notice it.

But if you want to take steps to improve your health and protect yourself as you get older, then you might want to invest in an air purifier.

There are many healthy individuals with air purifiers in their homes, and having high-quality air is never a bad thing.

Remember, taking care of your body is a lot of work and you need to take steps to protect yourself on all fronts.

So, aside from eating right and getting regular exercise, it won’t hurt to take a look at the air you’re breathing in as well.

Why Are People Buying Air Purifiers?

As mentioned earlier, it can be hard to pinpoint one group that buys air purifiers the most.

Throughout my time owning an air purifier – I’ve spoken to dozens of people who own air purifiers and they all bought them for different reasons.

Some bought their air purifier because they live in the city and don’t want to breathe polluted air while others bought their unit to cleanse the air from any allergens such as pollen.

But – if I could generalize and put the people who buy air purifiers in one basket – I would say that most of the people who buy these units are strictly after the many health benefits air purifiers bring to the table.

Below, I will discuss a few of the health benefits of making use of an air purifier unit.

They Eliminate VOCs

One of the major benefits of buying an air purifier is due to its ability to eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are a large group of harmful compounds that we can easily come across in our homes on a daily basis.

The materials we use to build and maintain our houses usually contain some VOCs.

This includes benzene, ethylene, glycol, and other similar compounds. You can find these compounds in paint, air fresheners, carpets, and many other parts of your home you wouldn’t even suspect.

When you use materials with VOC to build or furnish a home, they are released into the indoor air as a gas.

And as time goes by, you inhale these VOCs which can cause some health problems down the line such as headaches, dizziness, and even liver and kidney damage if you have prolonged exposure.

VOCs are very dangerous and are all around us.

Luckily, air purifiers can filter out VOCs and ensure that you breathe clean air without any of these harmful compounds.

This can greatly improve your overall health and protect you against developing certain conditions due to prolonged exposure to VOCs.

This may not be the most popular reason people are buying air purifiers, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones.

Remove Dust From the Air

If a high-quality air purifier can remove harmful VOCs from the air, it has no problem eliminating dust as well. Again, you may not know it, but the air in your room may contain a whole lot of dust which you end up breathing into your lungs.

The dust present in the air is practically impossible to see and would be impossible to completely eliminate.

However, an air purifier with a real HEPA filter is capable of trapping these particles and purifying the air indoors to a great extent.

This is great for people with asthma and a number of respiratory-related allergies. But inhaling dust even if you don’t have allergies can be dangerous, so just about anyone can benefit from having an air purifier in their room as well.

There are even some air purifiers that release ions into the air.

This can potentially cause dust particles to fall down, so the particles that remain in the air end up on the floor, which you can easily vacuum up.

Great for Controlling Allergies

While removing dust particles from the air is a huge benefit of having an air purifier, your unit will also be able to take care of mold, pollen, pet hair, and bacteria, which can often become the reason for allergies and asthma attacks.

Modern air purifiers can easily filter out these particles as well.

I was surprised by the capabilities of a real HEPA filter, but seeing how it can remove all these harmful particles, I’m not surprised that so many people are rushing to buy their own unit.

Removes Odors

Cigarettes, cooking odors, fumes, and other unpleasant odors are present in our everyday homes. While most people don’t mind such odors – those of us with a sensitive nose can sometimes suffer if the air gets far too polluted.

When I found out that air purifiers can cleanse the air from odors – that was one of the biggest reasons I bought one. When I repainted my room last summer – after using the air purifier within the room – there was practically no paint odor, which wet paint typically releases.


If you have dogs or cats, allergies, or a sensitive nose – I would highly recommend you get an air purifier. These units are a true game-changer as they can filter out so many harmful particles in the air that you didn’t even know were there.

From unpleasant cooking odors to dust, pollen, and other irritants – there is almost nothing that the air purifier cannot deal with effectively. And even if you don’t have a pet or suffer from any allergies – breathing in healthy and irritant-free air will tremendously benefit your respiratory system.

It is truly difficult to explain how good clean air feels compared to bad one unless you try it for yourself. I personally didn’t think air purifiers were that great until I borrowed one from my friend and used it for a few days.

I’ve now had an air purifier for over four years.